The FBI are famous for their top ten list of the worst criminals who they are currently chasing. Often the biggest threats to public safety. Well if New Zealand had a list of those who threaten our rights and freedoms as responsible arms owners – The Green Party would be a strong number three.

These fanatical extremists recently announced they want to allow the abortion of babies up until the moment of birth AND to deny NZ medical professionals the long-standing right to freedom of conscience. Essentially to force them to participate in a procedure regardless of ethical concerns.

Wherever you stand on this issue in general, this is a fine example of both their extremism and their casual imposition of their will on to others. Essentially – they know what is best for you. Obey or be punished.

As with every international franchise of the ‘Left’, our Green Party also offer a double threat in their Law and Order policy. Hard on law abiding gun owners AND weak on the criminals who threaten us.

When discussing ‘Justice’ in their official policy they actually use the phrase “…celebrating diversity and creativity…” Yep. That is crucial when fighting crime.

Then comes “reducing our dependence on imprisonment” and a focus on “community-based sentences”. So the scumbag who steals your guns to terrorize the public and the police who try to stop him will be watching porn in the comfort of a free state house for punishment.


They also believe that taking proceedings from the court room and into marae is a key initiative. Along with “Providing offenders with the choice to pay off fines or provide restitution in some other way”. Perhaps with interpretive dance? Or those who have had guns stolen may get vegetables from the offender’s sustainable garden?


In the unlikely event that a criminal will actually see the inside of a prison, then that sentence will take into consideration “Poor life skills”. The offender will also find “support for teaching non-violent means of expression such as arts”.

Perhaps they can draw a nice picture of the guns that they stole?


Now that we fully understand their iron fist of criminal punishment…..

Here is their stated gun policy:

Gun Control

In order to reduce risks associated with guns and their use in crime, the Green Party will:

Make private ownership of fully functional semi-automatic weapons illegal.

Investigate the benefits and costs of a low fee, centralised gun registration system and database.

Reduce the licensing period from ten years to five, in line with practices in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Review the vetting procedures in the firearms acquisition certificate, to ensure that they are in line with best practice.

There. That is the official position. I have spoken to representatives of the party and you had better believe that this is just their opening gambit. They want all guns gone. No discussion.

Oh and that ban on semi autos they want? That includes .22 rifles.

The total registration is firm policy. Not a subject of ‘Investigation’.

Know your enemy.

It may speak in code and put on a smile but this political movement is nothing less than a cancer to freedom of all kinds.

So watch them AND who they pal up to come election time. Deals may be done and they will NOT be to the benefit of law abiding shooters.