This twenty year old report is currently being twisted and misused by anti gun academics such as Professor Gillespie at the University of Waikato. He has used it to claim that one in ten firearms, once owned by lawful kiwi shooters, are now missing.

A hundred thousand guns.


The media have reported this nonsense without question.

THIS is the introductory qualification at the start of the actual report:

1.3 Significance of Weak Information Base

From early on it became apparent that informed decision making about firearms law and policy in New Zealand had been hampered by a lack of sound information on a number of principal issues.

Reliable information was unavailable on issues as basic as:

– the number and types of firearms owned in New Zealand;
– the number of firearms owners and users;
– the rate of compliance with the Relicensing Project, including the number of licences surrendered and revoked; Review of Firearms Control in New Zealand 6
– the number of firearms stolen, traded or destroyed annually;
– the number and nature of crimes committed with firearms;
– the number of refusals of firearms licence applications annually, the reasons for these, and the reasons for revocation action;
– the number of military style semi-automatic firearms, pistols and restricted weapons in the country, legal and illegal.

So it basically says – “We are guessing” for much of what is to follow.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has just asked the NZ Police if there is any actual number of ‘Missing’ guns that they may have available. If so, how they arrived that that figure. I’m confident now that there is no accurate estimation.

Professor Gillespie has had twenty years to do this. But why spoil his ‘Register everything’ position with facts?

The report goes on to apologize for how useless it is:

“…the combination of a weak factual base and the inherent difficulties in much firearms research has meant that many of the conclusions in this report have had to be qualified”.

The report also assumes that the THIRTY PERCENT of shooters dragging their heels when changing to the new system – means that they never did. Shooters – including me – did this in protest at their lifetime license becoming a ten yearly tax.

Again, Professor Gillespie has had had twenty years to get the actual numbers. After the dust settled. To show the reality of the situation. But no.

Oh… He next assumes that of the missing guns – fully 25,000 (A quarter of them) are immediately sold to criminals.


Again the media don’t question once lawful shooters suddenly joining organized crime.

Just sudden, spontaneous criminality?

What utter nonsense.

But the ONE hard fact in this report IS vital for shooters to remember.

The report mentions the last time that New Zealand had a general registration of guns. It concludes that this was a waste of resources and states: “The checks carried out to that date revealed that 66 percent of the entries were inaccurate in some respect”.


One of the reasons that we dumped our registration system was a 66% error rate.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is now asking the Police for the current failure rate for the few arms now restricted in New Zealand. Stay tuned.


Amazing how Professor Gillespie leaves that bit out of the report when pushing registration….

Just shameless.