Just a reminder, with the election not too far away, to remember who your friends aren’t.

In 2015 Labour MP Chris Hipkins called for gun advertising to be regulated in similar ways to tobacco. He was incensed after seeing a billboard promoting Gun City.

The member for Rimutaka labelled the advertising in the Lower Hutt suburb of Taita as “disgusting”. He went on to say that New Zealand does not need an “American-style gun culture”.

After a savage response on his social media page he replied:

“I want to be clear that I’m not anti-gun or anti-gun owners. I’ve visited the local rifle range and enjoy target shooting as much as anyone else. But just as we regulate the advertising of pharmaceuticals, tobacco and other things that can do significant harm, so too should we regulate the advertising of firearms”.

Then later:

“I maintain the billboard advertising pump action rifles on the main route to a local secondary school promotes the type of attitude towards guns that hasn’t been part of Kiwi culture and shouldn’t become so”.

The horror!

Our young people may come to see firearms and tools and sporting goods!


Before the socialist indoctrination centers (Our schools) can correct them. Then assign them a new gender obviously.

Gun City’s managing director David Tipple nailed the situation; “It demonstrates that ignorance leads to fear and politicians thrive on using fear to get what they want”.

But Hipkins maintains that; “I think gun advertising is something Parliament needs to look at.”

Sure. More tyrants comfortable telling us what we can see and when. No thanks.

People pointed out that cars and McDonalds kill more kiwis than guns and yet they could be advertised freely. Hipkins responded that cars, food and alcohol weren’t designed to kill people. Guns were.

“I don’t want to see New Zealand adopt a culture where we regard guns as something that you know, you pop down to the supermarket and pick up on the way home from work.”

Like… a normal, legal, legitimate product?

Got it.

Tim Fookes then gave a cringe worthy interview on Newstalk ZB. Just a sneering anti gun bias that was hard to listen to. Once again the media give a free ride to anyone who attacks gun sports.

I can confirm that the comments on his facebook page were abusive. They made for hysterical reading. I think that I actually cried at one point. He claimed in the media to have a lot of support – but then needed to write:

Clearly this is an emotive issue, but if you can’t get your point across without insults, death threats, and other types of abuse don’t comment at all. I asked for feedback, and I welcome rational discussion, but some of the comments I’ve received are totally out of line.

It was a lovely example of a creep trying to divide with fear and a MASS of people just saying “No”. Shooters and non shooters alike.

We don’t want your idea of utopia. Go away.

Chris Hipkins is the Labour candidate for Rimutaka. Vote accordingly.




Ah the New Zealand Labour party… Those lovers of liberty