The results of the latest Police Association’s biennial member survey were published recently. They show that our Police are far from satisfied with the level of arms training that they receive. This supports the anecdotal evidence that the Kiwi Gun Blog gets all the time.

To go into an unknown situation and wind up in a gunfight with a deranged criminal would be nothing less than terrifying. The very least that we can do is to support our front-line Police with the best arms training in the world. Period.

The survey was conducted in 2015 and the results released recently in the Police News magazine. They show:

A third of officers were not satisfied with the QUALITY of the training that they received.

Over sixty percent were not satisfied with the AMOUNT of training that they received.

This dissatisfaction is also increasing.

From the description of this training that we have received – it sounds as if the officers are barely safe to handle the arms. Let alone ready to gunfight with them. In the middle of us citizenry.

The concerns of officers were backed up when the Kiwi Gun Blog discovered that their Tasers alone have been fired accidentally over five hundred times. Despite them only being a common front-line issue for a couple of years.

Likewise our Police shooting handcuffed suspects, by accident. Killing teenagers on the way to work, by accident. Shooting innocent bystanders, by accident. Surely the money that we are paying in compensation to these victims would be better spent in giving our cops the training they need? That they deserve?

We think so.


In the same survey – a strong majority of our Police are seen to favor the general arming of front-line officers. An average of 65%. This figure is deceiving as 76% of the Police who actually deal with criminals want guns. Under 50% for the ones who push paper.