On the 16 March 2016 the Law and Order Select Committee launched an inquiry ‘Into issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms in New Zealand’.

The committee agreed the terms of reference for the inquiry to be:

How widespread firearm possession is among criminals, including gangs

How criminals, gangs, and those who do not have a licence come into possession of firearms.

The committee then consulted those with ‘Expertise in these areas’ before considering public submissions.

The Kiwi Gun Blog called strongly for increased penalties for the theft, possession (By serious criminals) and the misuse of arms in crime. Especially against Police.

Submissions closed on the 8th June of last year.

The Chairperson is Kanwaljit-Singh Bakshi.

We now await their findings and recommendations.

Knowing that the Police Association and the Green Party have their thumbs on the scales.

This is a VERY concerning time for lawful gun users in New Zealand.

Big changes could happen VERY quickly.

Now is a VITAL time to contact your Member of Parliament. Even just with a quick email. To demand that action be taken only on those who live OUTSIDE of law. Not yet more penalties and costs for the lawful shooters who are simply not the problem.


Well done to the club that hosted the committee on their range.

The submissions accepted by the committee to the inquiry are all published on the Parliament’s website. You can access them here:


Many make for interesting reading.

Like Petone gun dealer John Howat suggesting that shooters be limited to four or five guns. Oh and the total registration of all guns. Thanks for that John.

If there are ten thousand shooters screaming “NO!” and ONE traitor mumbling “Yes” then it will be claimed that any new restriction had ‘Broad support from all sides’.

Our message MUST be united. That we will not compromised with stupid. Because stupid never stops wanting more restrictions. Then ultimately stupid wins. 

Important Update!

The Kiwi Gun Blog have been told that the committee will be reporting back this week (April 1st) and that shooters won’t like what they have to suggest. Stay tuned.