The Otago Dairy Times has reported that TWENTY THOUSAND GUNS are stolen from Kiwi shooters each year. With many of these then going to criminals. The Kiwi Gun Blog has acquired the actual figures and the ODT are out by…. about twenty thousand.


Say that number out loud.

Pretend that you know nothing of the issues surrounding shooting in New Zealand.

Now say that figure out loud.

It even sounds as stupid as it is.

But the Otago Daily Times just accepted it as part of yet another slander piece against shooters. They write that “Many New Zealanders would surely be shocked by the extent of the problem”.

Well yes. When you make up a number about thirty times worse than the reality that may happen.

Where did they get such a lie? Why the New Zealand Police Association of course. Their President Chris Cahill gave an ‘Incorrect figure’. The same figure that was on their website. Easy mistake, mistakes, to make…

Naturally shooters called the paper out on its lie and the editor, Barry Stewart, printed a retraction.


The hatchet piece then goes on to ask if there should be a limit to the number of guns that a shooter ‘Needs’. It generally fails to distinguish between lawful shooters and organised crime, simply joining us both as the problem. It then urged tackling the arms ‘pouring into the country’ with urgency. Not time for thought!

The Kiwi Gun Blog also contacted the editor at the time to express our disgust at their utter lack of journalistic integrity. This is the first step to making a complaint to the Press Council. We have since done this.

It is our understanding that other complaints surrounding the reporting of firearm issues are also under investigation.

Shame on you Otago Daily Times. That was a new standard in bias and stupidity.

If you have found invented ‘Facts’ reported about our gun sports then please let us know.

It is also simple for you to take action yourself. The Press Council has a very usable on line reporting system:

PO Box 10879, The Terrace, Wellington, or email:


The decision from the Press Council was embargoed until today.

It is available here: Borrell, Carr and Loder adj 17

Long story short… Insane levels of bias are allowed as long as this is editorial opinion.

Handy that.