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The reason that we have set up this blog is simple. We want to make sure that the next generation has the same chance to enjoy the shooting sports as we have. To make wonderful friends and wonderful memories. Then to pass it all on again.

The best way to preserve our rights as responsible firearm owners – is numbers.

We are NOT a minority. We are nearly a quarter of a million strong. Plus our families. Plus our friends who sometimes also enjoy our guns.

In terms of a voting bloc – I believe that to be unrivaled in power.

But it is all academic unless we are united. Or at the very least, informed.

That is where the Kiwi Gun Blog comes in.

The last Arms Amendment Bill was a wake up call for us. In this day and age of social media and instant communication – the response to that threat was pitiful. If people even knew that it was happening – they had no idea what to do about it.

Even the best clubs often just made a submission and then told their members about it afterwards. It really was infuriating to watch. Especially after the fierce fight staged the last go around.

So here we are. A one stop shop for breaking news that effects you as a shooter.

Proposed law changes. Lying academics. Crooked media. The left threatening our established ranges. We will let you know. Then we will give you the info to fight back. The real figures to give your MP or local paper. Best of all – Links to prove your liberal friends wrong ! The joy!

So come and visit again soon. Stay informed. Stay ready.

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Its a cliche but united we stand, divided we fall. So please help us to make this blog a huge success.


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