There is a question that I raised a decade ago and have still yet to get a firm answer to.

Are Kiwi shooters entitled to compensation for the countless guns that were stolen by our Police under colour of law?

Before they would issue import permits for new MSSA rifles the Police would first demand the surrender of another. Doing so to prevent ‘Proliferation’.

They don’t do this anymore.

They just, stopped.

The Police can’t just decide not to follow a law anymore.

So…. This was not law right? It was just something that they made up? Or ‘Policy’ as they call it.

I have heard estimations that ten thousand shooters were forced to surrender rifles for destruction. Before the Police would consider allowing the permit required for the importation of another.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked the Police for the actual numbers. Also for the cost of destroying these arms. Many with historical significance.

Lastly they were asked how they believe that they are not now liable for massive compensation claims.

One expert has put the damages at more than NZ$1billion.

This nonsense began in the early 1990s.

This was flat out illegal and was challenged in court by shooters.

What was the Police excuse for this extortion?

They said that the law required a ‘Special reason’ to import certain types of firearms. That the most common reason was to replace a worn out gun. So you could trade an old SKS into a new AR15.

To be clear, the 1992 Arms Amendment Act does not mention a requirement to surrender private property in order to get a permit to import.

As Nick Taylor, a specialist firearm lawyer, put it; “Parliament would never contemplate the police forcing people to give over their property to be destroyed in order to do something they are lawfully entitled to do.”

He also said the Arms Act contained compensation rights.

Or in plain English – The government can’t just take your stuff.

This really is quite a staggering fraud on the shooters of New Zealand.

It is also disturbing how normalized it became over time. How it was simply accepted. Perhaps shooters were scared to challenge Police. Perhaps they didn’t have the financial resources to do so.

Older shooters will remember that, during this policy, an AR15 needed for three gun competition could cost $10,000. They are now a tenth of that price.

At the time the Police were literally pricing people out of their sport.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would love to see some justice done here.