One of the problems with the New Zealand Police inventing a non existent category of firearm (The Military STYLE Semi Automatic) is the need to then invent the things to identify it.

One of the features they imagined was “A magazine the holds more than seven rounds – or LOOKS like it does”.

Looks like. That is now actual law in New Zealand.

So if a Policeman thinks that a magazine holds more than seven cartridges and the user then proves that it does not – by simply counting the bullets that it holds – they can STILL be taken to court. How do you defend ‘Looks like’?!!

The Labout Party wanted those accused of a crime to prove themselves innocent. To prove a negative. Against logic, international convention and our own bill of rights. This is worse. How do you defend against a prosecution of  ‘Looks like’?

Now obviously it makes sense to say to shooters; “Hey guys, we only trust you to shoot people in lots of seven. Before reloading for seven more”. That is just common sense and the Kiwi Gun Blog would not question that.

But our ‘Looks like’ law would have to be the single most embarrassing piece of legislation on our books right now.

The Kiwi Gun Blog wrote to the Prime Minister about this during the last Arms Amendment Bill hearings. We were told to contact the Police Minister. We did. They told us to contact the select committee. We did. They said that this was outside their consideration.

It would seem that our gun laws can only get worse – never better.

How did this ever become law? Because the police shove it through and the politicians simply don’t question these ‘Experts’. The tail wags the dog.

This Dangerous Law Has to Change

Paula Bennett is our current Police Minister. Let her know your thoughts on this dangerous embarrassment:

In the meantime the Kiwi Gun Blog has raised the matter with The New Zealand Law Commission.

Their role is “to promote the systematic review, reform and development of the law of New Zealand.  As an independent Crown Entity, its functions are to review the law and make recommendations for improvement”.

You can contact them here:


So The Kiwi Gun Blog raised the matter with the Law Commission.

They told us that they would only move if the Justice Minister told them to.

So we wrote to her. Amy Adams.

She told us to contact the Police.

How they can change laws is unknown to us. They administer them.

But the Blog did as instructed and contacted the Police Minister. Paula Bennett.

She wrote back to say that we should contact the Police Commissioner.

Because; “Politicians cannot instruct Police in operational matters.  This is a long standing convention that was enshrined in law with the passing of the Policing Act 2008.  It ensures that law enforcement and investigation by the Police remain free of any political influence or interference”.

Get the feeling that they don’t even read what is sent to them?

The Kiwi Gun Blog even sent tiny screen grabs of all the past correspondence for clarity.

Again – how are the Police supposed to change laws?

This was included in Amy Adam’s previous letter:


We know.

That is why we wrote to them first.

They have flat out refused to do anything without the Justice Minister telling them to.

So how do we break this frustrating circle of buck passing?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has now written to the Prime Minister.  Bill English. 

He….. Sent it back to Amy.


We will see if that achieves anything.

Feel free to add your support to this dangerous stupidity being removed from law. 

This really is a great example of why kiwis stop voting.

They feel powerless and ignored.