Concerns have been raised by shooters, for many years, about the careless way that the Police choose to interact with us in their stations.

The Arms Officer usually has a service counter in full view of reception.

Where criminals and the friends and families of criminals are often waiting.

Firearms are often produced to have their serial numbers checked. In full view and earshot of anyone.

All a scumbag then has to do is follow a shooter out to the car park and snap a picture of their vehicle’s registration plate.

Then form MR31 and $15 allows them to request the details for the owner of the car.

Including name and address. This can be done online for the criminal’s convenience.

Some private data search companies also represent a vulnerability here.

Or the low concept criminal could simply follow the person home.

If the shooter’s car features a work logo that makes it even easier for a criminal to locate them again later.

At the time of this writing, New Zealand shooters are waiting to hear back on the recommendations of the Law and Order committee that met to determine how firearms fall into the hands of criminals.

It is the view of the Kiwi Gun Blog that the current thoughtless situation in Police stations is a contributing factor.

We have asked Police if they are aware of the concerns that shooters have been raising and if any changes are being contemplated.

We will advise you of their response.

We have also informed the Law and Order committee of this issue.

In the meanwhile – consider asking to conduct your business in a back room of the Police station if you have ANY concerns about your safety.

Even then, seeing a shooter carrying a long gun bag in and out of the building may be all that a criminal needs.

This bizarre situation has been ignored for far too long.

Here is the pathetic response to our concerns.

It addresses nothing and only suggests asking to go backstage: