This is just a timely reminder for any new shooters who may not been aware of a disgraceful Police action back in 2005.

The service were trading in their old Remington bolt action rifles – upgrading to the current AR style semi-automatic rifles that we see them using today.

The old arms were literally civilian hunting rifles. In excellent condition as they had seen little use.

Did the Police sell the 880 rifles back to the shooters of New Zealand? So that they could harvest game animals to feed their families?


No. They PAID people to destroy $200,000 worth of these firearms.

Why? Because of a UN convention designed to prevent the illicit trade of weapons.

The waste of taxpayers’ money was just inexcusable.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked Police how much they paid for this destruction. We will let you know their response.

Police claimed that they had no choice because New Zealand, as a member of the United Nations, was compelled to abide by a convention designed to control firearm numbers and prevent their illegal trade.

“This convention does not have force of law in New Zealand but it can be expected that New Zealand agencies will comply with it where they can,” said National Operations manager Superintendent Tony McLeod.

You read that right. The Police just decided to burn hundreds of thousands of tax payer’s dollars to please their UN masters. Without any legal need to do so.

As if selling these hunting rifles to licensed dealers, to then sell to licensed shooters, is the same as dumping them in an African conflict zone.

The last time that the police upgraded weapons they sold their stock to a licensed gun shop in Auckland. Without issue. The army have also sold their old weapons to kiwi shooters both before and after this decision.


Again, a shameful waste from our Police.

Desperate to virtue signal to the globalist control freaks.

So when you hear ‘Arms control’ being discussed at the UN – understand that they are talking about YOU.

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The introduction is also a most interesting read.