The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked every political Party in New Zealand for their firearms policy. So that our readers can then make an informed decision on who to vote for come the next election.

The Ban 1080 Party declined to respond in any way.

The Ban 1080 Party was registered as a party in 2014. It opposes the use of 1080 poison (sodium fluoroacetate), which is widely used in New Zealand for controlling mammalian pests such as possums and rats.

At the last election the party received 0.21% of the party vote. Well below the 5% threshold and so did not win any electorates and so did not win any seats in Parliament. Their best showing was a candidate winning 2,318 electoral votes, which was 6.5% of electoral votes cast and placed him fourth.

Their lack of response to our inquiry is curious as hunters are the logical best option to dumping poison into our environment.

More information on the party can be found here: