The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked every political Party in New Zealand for their firearms policy. So that our readers can then make an informed decision on who to vote for come the next election.

The Mana Party declined to respond in any way.

The Mana Party was formed by Hone Harawira in April 2011 when he resigned from the Maori party. After that party’s disciplinary committee recommended his expulsion.

He forced a by election – many regard as a publicity stunt – costing tax payers $500,000.

He lost his seat in 2014 to Labour’s Kelvin Davis.

Mana then joined the Internet Party for one election. Despite millions being donated by a single supporter – they failed to win a single seat.

This party is VERY left leaning and would presumably support the ‘Ban them all’ politics of the extremists that it associates with.

At the last election Mana took only 1.42% of the total vote.

More information on the party can be found here: