Trademe make thousands of dollars from Kiwi shooters each year.

They sell 8,000 of our guns. Plus ammo. Plus accessories.

They have nothing but contempt for us.

Trademe wont let you list E Category arms for sale. Despite them being absolutely legal.

Trademe wont let you list a ‘High-capacity magazine’. Anything holding more than 7 centerfire cartridges. Despite them being absolutely legal.

“These cannot be sold on the site regardless of whether you’re looking to attach it to a bolt, break, pump action or semi-automatic firearm”. 

Bizarrely – Trademe then doubles down on the ‘Looks like it holds’ stupidity.

“Magazines may have the appearance of holding up to 10 rounds but must not hold more than 7”. 

BUT… After “Careful consideration and feedback from the Trade Me community” the site now allows the sale of the 10-shot .303 magazine ONLY when it’s sold alongside its Lee Enfield rifle.

They actually call that a high-capacity magazine.

Trademe do not allow the sale of free standing pistol grips or other stocks (Such as folding or telescopic), that, when fitted to a semi-automatic rifle, would result in the firearm being classified as a MSSA.
“Due to the way the law is written, even if it has the appearance of being freestanding, it is classed as an MSSA, and therefore can’t be sold on Trade Me”. 

This despite them being absolutely legal.

Trademe does not allow the sale of flash hiders. Despite them being absolutely legal.

When asked to justify this ignorance they speak of wanting a ‘Safe community’.

They sound like a UN media spin doctor.

BUT – They insist on leaving up the history of all the guns that have been traded by a user.

Think about that. Any scumbag can see all the guns that you have. Then guess at the others you may have.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have raised this matter with Trademe but they refuse to take action.

So much for safety.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has now raised the matter with the Law and Order committee investigating how criminals acquire guns.

Trademe have consistently attacked shooters in their submissions to Parliament when law changes were being considered.

They have also asked for access to our Police records. For increased ‘Safety’ during sales.

This is not needed and would simply become another vulnerability for organised crime to exploit.

Of concern is that Trademe claim to have had meetings with police on this issue and expect to have access soon!

I don’t remember a wider consultation on that!

But to demonstrate their ultimate – sublime ignorance – on the gun issue, we have this:



Before you can list ammo for sale you must promise that the petrol is motorbike only petrol.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has explained to them – literally with pictures – how a 9mm can be fired in a ‘B’ cat pistol like a Glock or an ‘A’ cat rifle like Ruger PC9 or an ‘E’ cat rifle like an HK 94 or a ‘C’ cat movie industry gun like an UZI.

Their response to the observation that NOBODY can ever make this declaration – “We believe in a safer community”.

Please consider listing your guns here instead:

Oh just a reminder… The NZ Police Association want an end to gun sales online and have made submissions to that end to our lawmakers.

“Our bottom line would be that no sales of firearms or ammunition take place.” NZPA


During Trademe’s presentation to the Law and Order committee the Labour MP, Stuart Nash asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier to say you know what we are not going to allow guns to be traded on trade me, we are going to leave this to the experts to the gun dealers?”

Not for shooters Mr.Nash. No.