Once upon a time New Zealand had total gun registration. It was 66% inaccurate. It was costly and did absolutely nothing of use. So we dumped it. Then we all lived happily ever after. The End.

But now the Green Party and lying academics and the NZ Police Association want to bring it back.

Like many shooters, we at the Kiwi Gun Blog have restricted weapons that are registered with the Police. Some sixty two thousand firearms are currently registered, out of New Zealand’s 1.2 million total guns.

Ask any collectors organisation and they will all tell you what is common knowledge among their members. That every time their licence renewal comes around – there will be significant errors of their recorded arms.

The inspecting officer will ask to see guns that have been sold years before. They may be missing guns from their list altogether. Or worse of all – the Police may claim that the shooter owns a gun that they have never have heard of. All three have happened to this writer.

So how big of an issue is incorrect records in the current system? The Kiwi Gun Blog asked the Police just that under the Official Information Act and the reply – Two months later – surprised us.

They couldn’t say.

Because the NZ Police have never performed an audit. Not in the history of the system.


Not even a sample audit. This is basic stuff. Pick 500 records and see how many of them are accurate. Then extrapolate that out for the total number. Even that small sample is big enough to compensate for errors and other factors.

But no.

The Police claim that:

“Frequent checks are carried out at District Arms Offices by Arms Staff to ensure that the firearms information database (of firearm licence holders and of pistols, MSSAs and restricted weapons recorded against licence endorsements) is as accurate as possible”.

If that is so, then there will be records. Show us.

Unless ‘Frequent checks’ simply means checking each shooters’ gun records every ten years when they renew their licence? To see how inaccurate they are. We think so.

In a follow up letter the Police claimed that the results from the different districts were “Not collated”. So our request for the results of this information was therefore declined.

It’s just too much effort to get them you see. As “The information requested cannot be made available without substantial collation or research”.

We get that line a LOT when asking the Police for hard facts.

There are only twelve Police districts. So hitting ‘BCC’ eleven times on one email is apparently the new standard for ‘substantial collation and research’. It’s just too much to ask.

Senior Police confirmed on the phone to the Kiwi Gun Blog that they were aware of their vetting officers mentioning the problem – as well as shooters.

So senior Police are aware of the issue of inaccurate records. Yet they have either made NO attempt to learn the extent of the problem OR they are very aware and are just covering up another embarrassment.

But shooters may now be asked to accept an expansion of this broken system to cover every gun in the country?

No thanks.


The Kiwi Firearm Blog has followed up on the matter with the Ombudsman’s Office.

Here is the final reply:




The Superintendent had previously explained the process that they DONT have?

Got it.

Actually THIS is the evasive response that he initially wrote:


Then when pressed:


So it was claimed that audits were done and records were kept.

It looks a bit like a lie now really.