The New Zealand Police cannot point to a single crime solved or prevented by our current firearm registration system.

The Kiwi Gun Blog asked three very simple questions.

  1. How much has been spent on our MSSA gun laws since their introduction?
  2. How many crimes have been solved with the system?
  3. How many arms are currently registered in the system?

Our purpose was to perform a simple cost benefit analysis.

We know that there are around one point two million firearms in New Zealand.

So if we can work out the modest percentage that are currently registered and the cost of maintaining such a system, we can then extrapolate that out to the total registration of arms that the NZ Police Association and their pet academics are demanding.

We can then do the same to the number of crimes solved.

Then examine how cost effective such a system would be.

Six weeks later – the Police replied.

Firstly – They refuse to say that any guns are ‘Registered’. It’s ridiculous. They did admit to 61,783 being ‘Recorded’.

Because that is different apparently.

What they refused to provide was ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE of a crime being prevented or solved by the system.

“This information is not held” and would take a modicum of effort to discover. So this is considered an excuse to refuse an Official Information Act request. Get used to that – its a Police favorite.

They also refused to answer how much the current system costs us. For the same reason.

No records? Really? How about your annual operating budget? That would be a good place to start I would have thought.

When we spoke to a senior Inspector involved in firearms control, he stated that our system of recording weapons was not about preventing or solving crime but about ‘Control’.

When the Kiwi Gun Blog has spoken to anti-gun academics, to demand that they show some benefit to the registration systems that they are demanding, we only get that same word. Control. They can’t show any crimes prevented or solved. They don’t need to. It’s about ‘Control’.

So there we are.

In the coming debate we are expected to argue against people wanting the total registration of arms – who cannot demonstrate a SINGLE historical benefit to the existing system they now call to expand.

Remember that the only reason that the current pistols and MSSA rifles are registered is because they are of special desirability to criminals.

So even if the Police could show ANY crimes solved it would not translate to a farmer’s shotguns. So showing ANY benefit would make the cause of registration look stronger than it is.

But they can’t provide ONE.

Please remember that the catastrophic cost of total registration would be passed on to us under the new Police ‘User pays’ policy.

What other law change this expensive could even be suggested with NO evidence to support a benefit for it?


Quite, quite mad.


The Kiwi Gun Blog is now working with the Ombudsman’s Office to try to secure the facts that we need from the NZ Police. We will keep you updated.

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