The media are feeding us the narrative that there is currently a mass of gun crime in New Zealand.

Ooooo its bad.

Something drastic must be done!

Quickly! No time to think!

As a result of this campaign, the Law and Order committee are now considering drastic changes to our gun laws. To combat this scourge!

So the Kiwi Gun Blog contacted Statistics New Zealand to secure the actual figures.

Here they are:

Annual Apprehensions for Crimes Involving Firearms

1994 2562

1995 2492

1996 2879

1997 3102

1998 2917

1999 2722

2000 2487

2001 2334

2002 2546

2003 2802

2004 2880

2005 2904

2006 3144

2007 3090

2008 3104

2009 3372

2010 3082

2011 2816

2012 2749

2013 2489

2014 2520

Since 2015 the police have published their own data.

There are ninety six individual categories of offending with firearms – within this combined number.

The total shows that the rate of arms offending is either fluctuating around an average norm OR it is lowering.

No real change in over twenty years.

So where the hell is the tsunami of gun crime that the NZ Police Association are claiming?

That we must now respond to, without question, by surrendering more of our rights?

Did anyone in the media think to actually question ANY of this?

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Please note: The Police have been asked for the most recent figures but they are treating this as an Official Information Act request.

So expect them to delay for twenty days – then ask for an extension for no reason…. 

We will advise our goodly readers of any response.


The Kiwi Gun Blog has also proved a lie of the claims that our Police are being assaulted by more criminals with guns: