The Police claim that a significant number of guns are stolen from Kiwi shooters each year. The media have reported that “Thousands of guns stolen each year in New Zealand are ending up in the arms of gang members”.

Now ONE is too many, but what are the real numbers? Thousands?! We doubt it.

The Kiwi Gun Blog was shocked to learn that our Police have no systems in place to track these stolen guns. Or even to count them! This seems odd as shooters are told to keep a record of serial numbers for just such a purpose.

Media reported recently that the Police were unable to supply information, under the Official Information Act, about the number of burglaries resulting in firearms being stolen. Or even the total number of firearms that had been stolen.

AGAIN we are facing a possible clamp down from the Law and Order committee examining how criminals get guns BECAUSE there is supposedly a sea of stolen guns flooding their way.

Now we find out that Police don’t even have ANY numbers to support this assertion.

So do we add this to the Police Association crying wolf about an increase in armed offending? When Police statistics show it being unchanged for over twenty years? Or even down?

As a gun store manager observed – the Police can tell you how many tickets they gave out for people not wearing seatbelts but they don’t know how many gun thefts there are each year? When the crimes are reported to them?

It is madness for the Police association to suggest a total registration of guns in New Zealand when the Police can’t even be bothered tracking our stolen equipment now.

The Police DO track the number of guns seized from criminals. But can’t then determine where they acquired them from. So they can then face easy additional charges.

The media cry; “Most of the illegal firearms are stolen in residential burglaries”.

Really? How do you know? What is this claim based on?

The 2011 National Strategic Assessment paper claimed:

“Research indicates there is already a large pool of illegally held firearms in New Zealand and that firearms of almost any type can be obtained relatively easily from within the criminal fraternity without needing to source illicit firearms from overseas”

That was six years ago.

But it’s suddenly a problem NOW? Needing law changes? Really?

Sir Thomas Thorp wrote in his review of our firearm law; “In the nature of things it is impossible to get an accurate count of the number of guns held for criminal purposes”.

So he got something right.

What has changed since then? That now enables this psychic like tracking of our guns to criminals?

Shooters are doing our bit with expensive security. It seems that the Police are letting their side down. The courts are letting EVERYONE down with their lax sentences of gang members caught with our stolen guns.

This really isn’t good enough.

How can the Law and Order committee decide anything without any facts to go on?

Unless the fix is in. Let’s hope not.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked the Police if they have any accurate idea regarding the number of guns stolen each year and if this is up or down on previous years. We will advise readers of their reply. In a few months, when it arrives….

They were not answering their phone today.