New Zealand is a democracy. At least in theory.

That means that your opinion matters to your elected representative.

More so during special times… Like NOW. As we race toward the election on September 23, 2017

So please take whatever time allows to make your views known to your Member of Parliament.

If you are unsure of your electorate, you can find it here:

You can then find your MP here:

Just click on their name and their contact details will appear.

Then – just let them know how you feel.

Because it matters.

The squeaky wheel gets the justice.

Email. Or write. Or call. Or best of all, book a visit at their local electorate office.

This all has real impact.

They figure that for every hundred people who call – then thousands are equally passionate about the subject. Only they will only show that come voting day.

Here is a simple guide to communicating with your MP:

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Be clear on the message. Get to the point and stay there.
  • Know exactly what you want from the letter or meeting and have ‘Talking points’ to support this.
  • Don’t be distracted by them, stay on message.
  • At the end of the meeting – ask the MP if they agree with your position and if they will support your SPECIFIC suggestions. Don’t tolerate the standard ‘Thanks for coming in and sharing your views’ twaddle. You are not a child in need of managing.
  • Then publicize the response. Tell us, tell other shooters.

The Kiwi Gun Blog suggests that we ALL stick to the following message:

  1. Lawful shooters are not the problem.
  2. Recognizing the first point, leave us alone.
  3. Punish criminals – because they ARE the problem. Because that works.

Call for harsh, mandatory, no parole sentences for armed offending.

Or nothing at all.

Hammer that home.


If they say how much they enjoyed shooting as a kid, tell them that is nice. Then make your points again and demand to know where they stand on them.

Be polite – Be insistent.

Collect some facts from the Kiwi Gun Blog to support your position.

You have a purpose here. It is not to ‘Visit your MP’. It is to inform them and then to get a commitment from them.

Follow up on your meeting with a letter thanking them for their time and making your points again.

Lastly, you can also send a quick email to the Minister of Justice and the Mister of Police and the Prime Minister.

They are found here:

Cut and past if you like. It still counts.

Oh there is that other crazy option… shudder…

Join a political party and make change from within.

In conclusion, emailing your local politician is the very least thing that you can do to preserve your gun rights. So please do it. No excuses. Bitching to your friends at the gun club does nothing. UNLESS you are telling them about the Kiwi Gun Blog.

In that case… Carry on.

Go get ’em folks.

Or you get this:


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