The Kiwi Gun Blog has been strident in our opposition to the imbecilic suggestions of the left as they flail to prevent gun crime. But now it is time to offer the solution. With specificity.

Harsh, Mandatory, Non Parole Sentencing for those who abuse guns in New Zealand.

  1. If you steal a firearm then you serve ten years in prison.
  2. If you knowingly and willfully provide organised crime with a firearm then you serve ten years in prison.
  3. If you are caught in possession of a firearm* AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS FOR SERIOUS OFFENDING then you serve ten years in prison.
  4. If you use a firearm in a serious crime* then you serve fifteen years in prison.
  5. If you discharge a firearm at a Policeman then you die in prison. Life.

*Note: This is not about hunting possum with a lapsed license. This is about serious offenders and serious offending and the law will be written to remove all doubt of that intent.

We are very aware that if the Police can abuse their powers – they will.

Further, that if they can not abuse their powers – they will.

The final wording of this law will not leave any doubt as to the intent of our legislation.

Why this will work.

Severity of sentence has little effect. Certainty of sentence does.

When criminals begin to KNOW that guns equal long prison terms – they will change their policy towards them.

They will no longer be totems of power and status symbols – but cursed objects to be reviled.

Those few criminals too stupid to get the message, will get the time. Either way we are safe from them.

The Kiwi Gun Blog does not normally favor such sentencing. Ideally we want a judge to be able to consider every mitigating factor of a case in the interests of fairness. But they have betrayed us all utterly.


Firearm abuse is the most serious of offending. This is not a kid stealing a peach to combat their hunger. This is life and death. Premeditated and inexcusable.

The argument against our policy:

  1. The penalty for gun crime cant be higher than the penalty for murder.

Yes it can. We elect politicians to do what we say. If we tell them to do that, they do it. The end. If you THEN want to look at how pathetic our penalties for murder are – good. That is a ‘Win – Win’.

That concludes the arguments against our policy.

Where the political parties stand on the idea:

The Kiwi Gun Blog made a submission to this effect to the Law and Order committee. But we doubt there is the political will to follow through on such a proposal at this time.

Things. Change.

The anti gun academics refused to comment on the plan.

The NZ Police association is against it. Because it punishes criminals and not us.

We contacted every political party and so far only NZ First said that they would even consider it. We are waiting to hear back from some of the smaller, newer parties. Some just refused to respond.

In conclusion

It is our view that we need to push hard for this legislation.

The single biggest threat to our right to the responsible ownership of firearms is the criminal misuse of firearms.

So let us act to counter that. Now.

If a side effect of this law is a safer country and less dead cops then we are pretty OK with that as well.

Oh…. and every time from this moment on that ANY politician or any baby tyrant from the NZ Police Association whines about gun crime – point out that they refused to support this.

When they call for ‘solutions’ to be investigated – point out that they refused to support this.

When they connive to implement yet more gun restrictions on the lawful – point out that they refused to support this. First.