What is a referendum?

A referendum is a general vote by the people on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.

So this is not voting for a party, who claim to have a kinda policy, they are going to kinda look at, at some stage, maybe.

It is a simple Yes or No on a very specific question.

Here is the question that the Kiwi Gun Blog would like to see asked…

Would you support the Harsh, Mandatory, Non Parole Sentencing for those who abuse guns in New Zealand?

  1. If you steal a firearm then you serve ten years in prison.
  2. If you knowingly and willfully provide organised crime with a firearm then you serve ten years in prison.
  3. If you are caught in possession of a firearm* AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS FOR SERIOUS OFFENDING then you serve ten years in prison.
  4. If you use a firearm in a serious crime* then you serve fifteen years in prison.
  5. If you discharge a firearm at a Policeman then you die in prison. Life.

More info here: https://kiwigunblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/how-to-stop-gun-crime-in-new-zealand/

How would we do this?

There are two ways of getting a referendum vote before the people of New Zealand.

The first is the easiest – A Government initiated referendum.

It can be binding or indicative (non-binding) and can pose more than one question or questions with more than two possible answers.

Legislation is required to enable a Government initiated referendum to be held unless it is conducted by postal vote under the Referenda (Postal Voting) Act 2000.

The second is when the people force the governments hand.

If we can get a petition of over 10% of the eligible voters nationwide – then we get a referendum.

There are three and a half million when I checked today so… 350,000 people. Doable if the clubs get involved but a big task.

This is known as a ‘Citizens initiated referendum’ and anyone can start a petition to ask for such a nationwide vote.

If we decide to go ahead with this – the following is the procedure:

  • A referendum proposal is submitted to the Clerk of the House of Representatives.
  • The Clerk advertises the proposed question. The Act allows 28 days for submissions and three months in total for the determination of the final wording of the question.
  • The Clerk, after consulting with the promoter and any other person, determines the final wording of the question.
  • The organiser gathers the signatures of at least ten percent of registered electors and delivers the petition to the Clerk within 12 months of the publication of the determination. The petition lapses if it is not delivered within this time.
  • The petition is checked for compliance. If all is correct the Speaker presents the petition to the House of Representatives. If there are insufficient signatures, the Clerk certifies that the petition has lapsed. The promoter may re-submit the petition with additional signatures within two months of certification that it has lapsed.
  • The Governor-General sets a date for the referendum within one month from the date of presentation. The referendum must be held within a year of the date of presentation unless 75% of all members of the House vote to defer it.
  • The referendum is held and the result is declared. The result is indicative only and is not binding on the Government.

That’s right. After all that the government may simple ignore the will of the people.

But we will shame them.

It will be hard to come after shooters rights to prevent crime when you not only failed to target criminals but then refused the people’s demand to target those criminals.

The Kiwi Gun Blog think that we should first try the easy option.

So we have contacted the Prime Minister, Bill English, to ask that he add this question come election time.

We will advise you of his response.

Until then…. Send him your thoughts guys:

Email: b.english@ministers.govt.nz
Phone: (04)817 6801
Fax: (04)817 6501