The Kiwi Gun Blog has proposed harsh, mandatory, no parole sentences for the serious misuse of firearms in this country. Not as an option but as the only practical solution to ending our moderate gun crime problems.

Today’s blog will demonstrate the REAL issue that is causing criminals to commit gun crime.

It was very, very hard to write.

We will examine the case of John Noel Mabey. This was the unthinkable scenario. An approved collector simply selling his guns to gang members.


Unheard of.


A disgrace to the thousands of responsible collectors who strive to conduct themselves beyond reproach. Least it reflect poorly on the others who enjoy the communities’ trust. Who have all proven worthy of that trust.

Mabey was advised by police that they wanted to check his gun collection.

Five days later, Mabey gets his mother to call the Police to claim that their home had been burgled. Oh and his gun collection had been stolen.

Media reported that “The collection comprised 121 restricted weapons, and included numerous pistols, military-style semi automatic rifles and machineguns”.

The ridiculous hoax was quickly discovered and then, soon after, that Mabey had been selling his guns for “easy cash” to the criminal underworld. Then using the money to help finance a property development debt.

This did not happen in a moment of madness.

This was one weapon at a time.

Knowing that each time he provided a serious criminal with a serious weapon that there would be serious consequences for his community.

The judge acknowledged exactly that during sentencing.

So what was his punishment?

After him finally pleading guilty to selling the most dangerous guns in the nation to the most dangerous people?

After trying to perpetrate a fraud to cover the crime?

Just 21 months jail.

He would serve a fraction of that.

A joke. But also a message.


If you want to steal guns, or procure them for criminals, or possess illegal guns for crime, or use them in crime, or shoot them at cops – go for it.

Because any penalty will be a joke. Plan accordingly.

It was claimed that his guns had already been used against police at the time of sentencing.

Prosecutors rightly stated that; “The community is going to have to suffer the consequences of this man’s actions for years to come”.

They were right.

Mabey had not expressed remorse.

He had refused police requests for information to help locate the guns. Only 11 of Mabey’s restricted guns have been recovered.

He only admitted to staging the burglary at the last moment after being told that to do so would not result in any additional time being added to his pathetic sentence.

This just to save the cost of a trial.

At the time of the Judge handing down sentence, one of Mabey’s guns had already caused the death of Whangamata man Nigel Lurman. There were drug connotations.

Another one of Mabey’s missing gun collection – a handgun – had been used in the shooting of South Auckland Constable Jeremy Snow.

Also Brent Luke Greenwood had been found in possession of another weapon from Mabey’s collection. He was only sentenced to five months’ jail for that.

The armed offenders squad had already caught Richard Alan Duthie with two more of the guns. After he had fired at police officers during a routine traffic stop.

Other guns have shown up in the hands of the Mongrel Mob and Tribesman gang members.

Knowing these facts – the judge still only sentences him to 21 months.

To serve a fraction of that.

Now, as the Kiwi Gun Blog publishes this, the Law and Order committee are looking at how  and why criminals are getting guns.


Because they want them. Because they can afford them. Because they have no fear of using them.

We can only change that last one. So PLEASE let us do that.

This horrible man is now back out in there in our community.

Living his life.

Where his guns will be threatening all of us for a long time to come.

Police national operations manager Superintendent Tony McLeod said;

“It’s unfortunate that the actions of one person can bring the whole legitimacy of the firearm users’ community into disrepute”.

It certainly is.

So…. How about actually punishing him for that?

Perhaps a little better vetting of this scum bag’s character would also have helped.

To discover his gang connections.

Media reported that “He so prized a  ‘Personal invitation’ to the Hells Angels 40th anniversary that he had it framed and hung on his wall”.

Clues guys. Clues.