An Auckland gang member has just been jailed after admitting that he had illegally received a significant cache of weapons. These had been stolen from a Dunedin house.

The media gleefully reported the theft of the dangerous weapons – but their coverage of the end result was a little more subdued.

Grant Andrew Latimer is a patched member of the notorious Bandidos gang.

He admitted 11 charges, including receiving and possessing stolen guns.

The charges followed the burglary of the house, in which five rifles, 23 handguns, and a quantity of ammunition was raided.

This was a very serious crime. With very serious implications for public safety.

Latimer stored and couriered the arms.

He was then caught after he failed to stop for Police. He was then found with guns and drugs.

So Judge Phillips stuck down his righteous justice like thunder from Thor’s hammer!

Just kidding.

He gave him one year and eight months in prison.

He will serve much less.

The joke judge said; “I have to impose on you somehow, a sense of responsibility”.


Easy tiger.

Another sick joke at the expense of New Zealand.

Criminals use guns only because we let them.

Can there be ANY doubt where the real issue is?

Please contact your MP and demand that the focus be taken away from punishing lawful shooters and put where it belongs – on the joke sentences from our joke of a justice system.