As the Kiwi Gun Blog has reported – The Police have changed their interpretation of what now makes an MSSA rifle legal.

The minimum length of the rifle is now measured when any folding stock is CLOSED – with any muzzle device removed. NO LONGER considering the length of the rifle with the stock open – when ready to fire.

This despite the Police having provided other instruction IN WRITING quite some time ago.

Important Update:

Police policy now states that even if a muzzle break is WELDED on – it does not count as length.

Despite being permanent.

The stated concern of minimum length is conceal ability. If a muzzle device cant be removed – how is not length?

Only the Police know.

More details are available here:

It now appears as though this new Police policy is contrary to the law. Again.

Thanks to Auckland firearm law specialist Nicholas Taylor for the opinion.

Download the legal advice here: ccf08122016_3

Also our thanks to the NZ Licensed Firearm Dealers Trust for investing in this opinion and sharing this with effected parties.

What about single action rifles?

The Kiwi Gun Blog assumed that the situation would be the same for ‘A’ category arms such as this bolt action rifle. Regardless of whether or not the firearm is designed to be fired from the closed position.


The Kiwi Gun Blog emailed to ask the Arms Office for conformation.

We were of course ignored.


THIS policy briefing just appeared on the Police website.

It would appear that any folding rifle is also to be measured for minimum length when closed IF it “…can still be fired in this reduced state”.

It is unclear if this means by design and with control OR to simply be made to go ‘Bang’.

A downloadable PDF of the policy is here: