As many will be aware, shooters are currently facing a truly bizarre situation with our security requirements.

For some unknown reason, an individual at Police HQ decided to throw the established rules and understandings into chaos.

Safes that had already been approved by Police, in writing, were suddenly unapproved.

Shooters were then informed that they suddenly needed engineers in to evaluate their safes. Ensuring that they met new, imagined requirements.

Yes – Another spontaneous change in Police ‘Policy’.

Well, thanks to Auckland barrister Nicholas Taylor, here is the reality of the legal situation.

Long story short – If ANY Policeman agrees that your box is of “Sound construction” then congratulations. You just passed your security inspection. You can now store any category of arm in that box. The end.

Oh and that Policeman can not exceed what twelve average kiwis would agree to be “Sound construction” either.

No forms are required for this process. No engineers certificate. No minimum construction standards. No special lock.

But… But… No. No buts. That is the LAW.

Anything else is just nonsense made up by the Police.

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog feel that the previous ‘Rules’ for the storage of restricted weapons were excellent advice. But that is ultimately all they were. Advice.

Click on this link to download a PDF of the legal opinion: ccf03112016_2

Our thanks also to the New Zealand Pistol Association for investing in this information and then making it available to effected parties.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have been told that many shooters are now taping this document to their safe. This has apparently produced helpful results during inspections.

But as lawful gun owners we now endure the completely unacceptable situation where some Police districts apply some rules and others apply other rules and few of them have any basis in law.

The matter is now being challenged in the High Court. It really should not need to be.

Stay tuned. The Kiwi Gun Blog will keep you up to date on the result.

As an interesting note to close on….

Members of Parliament have made their original intentions, regarding the secure storage of firearms, very clear.

They have told shooters that the legal requirement for the safe storage of arms was only ever intended to prevent children and casual burglars from gaining easy access to arms.

The law was NEVER intended to force shooters to provide the bank level security that would still only ever delay a planned criminal attack.

Only the courts can prevent that.

By sending a clear signal to criminals that stealing guns will result is serious prison time.



As seen above – at the time of this writing the Police website and their downloadable forms are still inventing requirements:

Lets hope that the Police storage is up to spec…

This from the Police Association:

unsafe storage