‘A’ Category Firearms

Firstly, if you only have ‘A’ category firearms, then there is never a reason for the police to inspect them.

Or your storage of them.

At any time.

There is no legal requirement for the Police to ‘Audit’ guns or to ‘Inspect security’ – even for renewal of your firearms license.

No Police approval of security is ever required for ‘A’ category firearms. Because the Police can not ‘Check’ what they can not proscribe.

The Police have no right nor business recording ‘A’ category firearms. So don’t let them.

It is of course your responsibility to store your firearms safely at all times.

Restricted Weapons

If you own restricted weapons – then Police are obligated to approve your safe storage.

They can also ask to inspect these. This should be by appointment and at your convenience. You are not a criminal on a bail check.

General Conduct

The police have no right to photograph your guns OR your security. Please don’t let them. It makes you vulnerable.

If there is ever an issue here just ask them; “Under which statutory enactment are you requiring me to do that?

Don’t be shy with using your camera phone.

If your rights have been violated:

If you feel that the Police have acted inappropriately – then take action.

Write to the Police and demand that any photographs or illegal records be destroyed within seven days.

If they do not comply, then file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner and the IPCA.

They have absolutely no lawful right to this information.




The final word:

Arms inspectors have a job to do.

Please show them respect and courtesy but expect the same.