The New Zealand Licensed Firearms Dealers Trust (NZLFD) is a newly formed group that will be challenging Police policy in the High Court.

The trust is now gathering retainers from dealers and shooters for the legal fees involved in this year’s court action.

There will need to be sufficient funds to commence and run the proceeding. However, if successful it is likely that costs will be awarded and then this money will be folded back into the trust for another action at a later time.

The trust can also instruct counsel to undertake District Court appeals if it is a relevant issue for the purpose of establishing a precedent that is useful.

It can also undertake legal opinions that will then be made available to all.

All dealers and contributors who are invoiced by the Trust will remain confidential.

Here are the first issues of unlawful action that the Trust will seek judicial review of:

1) MSSA stock length policy

2) Security criteria policy

3) Mail order form policy

4) Special reasons policy concerning stock being held by dealers 


That is THIS many things.

These issues will each be covered in detail elsewhere on the Blog.

The Kiwi Gun Blog encourages our readers to support this worthy and hugely helpful cause.

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Once again, shooters need to pay lawyers to get anything close to a fair go under the law.

Once again, the need for an independent appeals process is made clear.

This will not be the last time that the Police abuse their power for reasons that nobody can understand.