Yes, the globalist agenda marches on.

The Olympics is the one place where shooting is still seen as legitimate. Right?

Where nations come together in fellowship? Right?


The IOC now wants to replace bullets with lasers.

You see it is difficult to travel with guns because of the insane restrictions that the left have imposed around the world. So… They now offer to ‘Solve’ the problem that they themselves have created by finishing of rights off.

The IOC apparently struggled to get the necessary clearances during the 2012 Olympics because of the ludicrous gun laws in the UK.

Oh and they also claim that lasers may increase the television appeal of the sport and…um… Whatever other bullshit excuse you will accept for ending the shooting sports.

Shooting has been a part of the Games since their birth – but it will never attract the same attention as the 100 meter dash. The qualifying events are not even televised. Yet the IOC uses television ratings as one of the key criteria to determine the popularity of a sport.

If they really want happy viewers – they would bring 3 gun shooting into the Games.

But that is not what this is about.

Naturally shooters are furious at the imbecilic idea of losing guns in gun sports. As the Hungarian coach, Laszlo Pinter, put it; “Shooting won’t be a sport then”.

This nonsense follows news earlier this week that the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) had decided to scrap three key events from its Olympic programme.

This after being told by the IOC to make the sport more gender-neutral and youth-friendly.

Perhaps a new triathlon? Competitors can run, change gender and then throw rocks at an effigy of Donald Trump?

It was in February last year that the IOC formally made the proposal on laser shooting to the ISSF. There are already noises from those who would capitulate because “Kids like lasers” etc.

The Hungarian shooter Peter Sidi is a former world champion. He has won 26 World Cup medals. He told the media that if the sport moved to laser shooting he would be done. Because he has no interest in the sport ending up like an arcade game.


“You’ll miss the boom when the trigger is pulled. You don’t want silent guns. It’ll be like car racing without the noise,” Sidi said. Other shooters commented that if you didn’t have to judge the wind speed and direction then its just not shooting.

The Modern Pentathlon, which has shooting as one of its five sports, shifted to laser pistol a couple of years ago.

Make no mistake that this is not just another attack on shooters rights but on the very legitimacy of our sports.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would have suggested just having toy guns and going ‘Pew pew!’ BUT an Australian man is currently facing twenty years in prison for that. 

Oh and an additional 14 years for possessing the blueprints.

To the toy gun that he made on his 3D printer.

No, he didn’t try to rob anyone with them. Just had it at home.