“More guns equals more gun crime!” Yell the left. Their cognitive dissonance  will simply not allow for them to hear anything that suggests otherwise.

Even when you point out that the Swiss hand out machine guns to the citizens and enjoy some of the lowest gun crime in the world – they will still just twitch a little and then repeat their mantra.

The left insist that the only way to reduce a nation’s gun crime is to reduce the number of firearms owned by its population.

A new report AGAIN proves this to be a nonsense.

Thanks to Colfo for sharing this report:

At the World Forum for Shooting Activities Plenary Session held at IWA in Nuremberg on March 2, 2017, a new study conducted by the Criminology Dept. of the University of Liege (ULG) entitled “Factors influencing the rate of homicide by firearms” was presented.

The study, funded by WFSA, of which COLFO is a member, but conducted independently, shows that there is no scientific evidence proving that stricter regulations and a reduction in the quantity and type of legal firearms have any effect on homicides, crime and terrorism.

The study evaluated data from 52 countries, including New Zealand but excluding the USA, which allow for the civilian ownership of firearms.

It is interesting to note that while New Zealand ranks 19/52 highest in firearm ownership we are 9th lowest in terms of firearm homicide.

A summary of the study may be viewed here:


Tip for anti gun people:

When confronted with irrefutable evidence that everything you purport to be true is, in fact, a baseless lie – quickly claim that “It is a complex issue”. 

I still remember one of many occasions when the anti gun lobby in the United States was campaigning for a mindless new restriction. Their campaign material compared a list of annual gun homicide figures from several countries. This was obviously intended to shame the US.

The fact that the US had a population several times the size of many of the other nations listed was obviously irrelevant…

Then it was pointed out that Switzerland and Israel were on the list and had a massive rate of gun possession. Resulting in the low crime figures listed.

So…. They just reprinted the propaganda without them and kept going.

The truth has no place in the gun grabbers world.


Israel has a very low rate of gun homicide