We at the Blog have sometimes heard a recreational fascist claim that “Only the Police should have guns. They should be left to the professionals”.


Except for that Bundaberg police officer a few months back. The one who accidentally discharged his firearm into the ground – just moments before a Remembrance Day March was due to begin. He was reportedly conducting a “Gun safety check” at the time.


Oh and perhaps we should also exclude the French police sniper from a few days ago. The expert was guarding President Hollande during a speech in Villognon when he also accidentally discharged his weapon.


The President paused and then simply resumed his speech.

Credit where it is due though… He managed to accidentally shoot TWO onlookers with a single shot from his rifle.

But all pales in comparison to this…


Exquisite video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am-Qdx6vky0

This is arguably the most perfect piece of comedy that the planet has ever produced.

A smug cop is conducting a gun safety lecture.

That individual then announces to a room full of children that only HE is safe and qualified to handle that gun.

He then makes an exaggerated pantomime of unloading the gun and then showing others that it is indeed unloaded.

He then immediately shoots himself.

Like a wonderful magic trick.

He then limps about.


Then he asks to be handed another, larger weapon.

The children scream “No” and many flee the room.

He shouts “No THIS one is empty!”

It is taken from him.

He then sighs and says “Look after my stuff”

Then he limps out to awkward silence.

Leaving an assault rifle with the civilians.

Babies are seen being bounced on knees as he leaves.


Just beat perfect, comedy gold. Brought to you by the DEA.


Less amusing was the poor retired librarian being shot to death a few months back. Also in the USA. Also by a cop. Also because they thought that their weapon was unloaded for the demonstration. RIP 73-year-old Mary Knowlton.


No excuses

It has been interesting to see some parties defend the accidental discharges of our own Police. They claim that these are excusable due to Police “Handling guns a lot”.

Yet the vast majority of private owners will go entire lifetimes without a single negligent discharge.

The more we handle guns the LESS likely we are to make an error.

Most odd.