The New Zealand Police Association has been pushing the lie that we must rush to new gun control systems because their officers are facing ever increasing assaults from armed criminals.

The media report this without question.

Parliament then responded with a special Law and Order committee to investigate the pretend problem.

Here is an excerpt from the NZ Police Association’s submission to the committee:

poll ass 2.PNG

As a result – Shooters now wait to hear back from parliament as to our fate….

Now. Let us look at the reality:

Here are the actual figures – from the NZ Police – reporting the number of times that their officers have been assaulted with a firearm. By year. For the last twenty years.


Oh look. It has not risen in twenty years.

Just another Police Association lie.

Like the myth of increased gun crime in general.

In reality it is also unchanged in over twenty years.

More info here:

Please share this information with your Member of Parliament.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would like to thank SSANZ for providing the police figures.


If you are a member of the media – STOP!

This dog is here to help.

He says – “Stop – Check before you report”.



Like a journalist would.

Great advice.