It is now a common news story.

A Police vehicle stolen and taken on a joyride. Perhaps then dumped or crashed or burned.

One scum bag actually used the siren as he left the scene. To mock the officer seen floundering on a bystander’s phone video.

Far less humorous is the fact that some serious firepower is kept in these vehicles. That leaves with the criminals taking the car.

The Kiwi Gun Blog asked Police how many of their vehicles had been taken unlawfully since firearms were installed in vehicles.

Further, if those who took the vehicles had access to Police firearms on those occasions.

Andrew MacArther, the national manager for infrastructure responded; “Police are not required to report on the number of Police vehicles that have been unlawfully taken and therefore does not hold this information requested”.

Hence our Official Information Act request was refused.

He volunteered nothing more.

Pity because this would be good to know.

It would be hoped that a drunken teen was not one bad decision away from possessing Glocks and assault rifles.