Well this happened…

The Kiwi Gun Blog were just reading the excuses offered by the Otago Daily Times for reporting that 20,000 guns were stolen in New Zealand every year. A figure out by about 20,000. Their comments were part of the formal investigation process of the Press Council into our complaint.

During this grasping nonsense, the ODT actually used the ‘But the other kids did it too’ defense.

Sure enough, yes. Radio New Zealand also printed this stupidity as news on their website. As part of a larger hit piece driven by the NZ Police Association.

Of course.

It was an engineered distraction from the actual story – That the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) were disturbed about the number of people that the Police had been shooting and were leading a special investigation into the issue.

Oh and Yes – The ODT actually consider another reporter quoting, what they are hearing the same someone saying, as being an additional reliable source and therefore in some way fact checking.

Wow. Journalism is dead.

Here is the Radio NZ original. Thanks to reporter Eva Corlett for just not caring anymore:


The Kiwi Gun Blog has spoken to the journalist involved and made our feelings clear. She claimed to be in the process of correcting the error. At the time of this writing it is unchanged.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has made an official complaint to Radio New Zealand and will follow this up with another to the Press Council.

We are waiting to hear back if this stupidity was also broadcast on air.

If so we will also register a complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The NZ Police Assn has posted this retraction their website:


How many more of their cry wolf lies will the media continue to swallow?

Again – ONE phone call to the real Police would have prevented this lie from spreading.

Feel free to make your feelings known to the journalist involved: eva.corlett@radionz.co.nz

Here is the email for RNZ’s formal complaints contact:  formalcomplaints@radionz.co.nz

The on line form is here: http://www.radionz.co.nz/about/formalcomplaints

Here is the contact email for the Press Council: info@presscouncil.org.nz

They handle both on line content as well as printed reporting.

Here is the information that you need to make a formal complaint against a broadcaster: https://bsa.govt.nz/complaints/formal-complaint

Just more fake news….

The Otago Daily times seemed satisfied with merely correcting their errors after shooters write in. As if a tiny retraction cancels out the damage caused by lies in a featured editorial. As if fact checking is now not needed at the time of writing.

They also claimed that ‘Taking a stance’ in an editorial is in some way license to deceive readers with unbalanced reporting. It isn’t.

They then actually claimed that printing a readers letter commenting on the bias of an article was proof of their even coverage of the issue. Proving that they were not biased on guns.