The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked every political Party in New Zealand for their firearms policy. So that our readers can then make an informed decision on who to vote for come the next election.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) was registered by the electoral commission on the 6th of March 2017 and was founded by philanthropist Gareth Morgan a few months before that.


There was a rocky start when the party adopted a logo apparently stolen from a popular flag design. The creators were not happy.

The party has just contested the seat of Mount Albert in a by-election, collecting 600 votes. They were criticised by the ACT party for a possible breach of the Electoral Act. However, the Electoral Commission disagreed.

Here is the reply from Geoff Simmons, their Chief of Staff, as regards their firearm policy:

“We are a new party with 7 clear policy platforms. We don’t wish to be the government and generally think National and Labour do an okay job on the day to day stuff so we don’t intend to have policy on every issue. If and when elected we will develop a policy based on the evidence of what works and in consultation with our members. Hope that helps”. 

Well, no Geoff. Not really.
Because you utterly refused to answer the question put to you in any way.
At this stage the Opportunities Party seems more like a provocative dinner party conversation than a political force. Time will tell.
Their policy ideas thus far have varied from interesting to frightening and have proved very divisive.
As far as we can find, the Opportunities Party has no Law and Order policy.
More information on the party can be found here: