Well, we hope that the Police Association are satisfied.

They have finally succeed in alienating the most law abiding group in the nation from the front line Police who they support.

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club has now banned police from training at it’s Carterton facility.

Their frustrations at the Police abuse of the Arms Act just became too great.

The club’s president Gary Rawlinson told the media that members had become increasingly frustrated with the police and the Police Association’s attitude towards responsible firearms owners, and legitimate shooting sports.

“We don’t want to be seen to be supporting groups that could possibly destroy our chosen sport. Despite the existence of a Firearms Community Advisory Forum, the police continue to arbitrarily adopt changes to the administration of the Arms Acts without consultation.”

“That the police neither seek advice, consult with that forum or advise them of decisions made, is extremely disappointing to our members.”

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog have a feeling that this will not be the only range to adopt this policy.

Naturally the Police Association president Chris Cahill was unrepentant when speaking to the media about the ban.

He told stuff.co.nz: “Like it or not, the reality is that criminals often acquire their guns from burglaries of legitimate gun owners and dealers, or, guns are on-sold to people who have no intention of registering them and using them within legal parameters”.

Remember that quote for the future when he again pushes for the registration that he acknowledges criminals will ignore.

To any serving Police officer reading this – you don’t get to shrug this off anymore.

The relentless attacks on responsible gun users in New Zealand from YOUR association are being done in YOUR name.

If you want things to be different – then demand a change in how this tyrannical clownfest is managed.

Inspector Donna Howard is the Wairarapa Area Police Commander and will be meeting with the club to discuss their concerns. None of which are not already well known by every Police arms office.

She claimed that Police “totally supports and is aligned with licensed firearms holders”.


Such lip service is sounding pretty weak as the Police hierarchy continually abuse their powers, with utter contempt for the shooters of this country. Time and time again.

Support from shooters for the clubs decision has been immediate and strong.

More information on this outstanding club can be found here: http://wpssc.wildapricot.org/

You may want to email them with your support: wpsscsec@gmail.com

Oh and you can always make a respectful suggestion to the Police Association themselves. Perhaps about a change in management:



“The council’s not surprised and would expect actions like this maybe to increase because what we’re hearing is in general licensed firearm owners are losing trust and confidence in the way police administer the Arms Act,” Michael Dowling, vice-chairman.



Response from The New Zealand Pistol Association:

The action today by the Wairarapa Pistol Club is borne out of frustration with current resourcing and response issues by Police National Headquarters and Firearms Control. Pistol NZ is a member of the Firearms Advisory Forum and have expressed concerns about these issues over the last 12 months to Police. Police have utilised training facilities at Pistol NZ clubs for over 30 years and to my knowledge this is the first time one of our clubs has chosen this avenue. We would like to continue a relationship built on confidence and trust.
However, many shooters have expressed concern around recently adopted new policies that have imposed more restrictions on the licenced firearms owner without addressing the issue of criminals and firearms. These restrictions have caused dissatisfaction within the firearms community. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this current situation with Police.

Debbie W
NZPA President