The following is a hugely frustrating statement to make.

The New Zealand Police Association is the single greatest threat to our right to continued shooting in New Zealand.

Here is why.

The Attacks Are Ongoing

Shooters had hoped that a change in leadership at the Police Association would bring an end to the attacks on responsible shooters. But no.

Within days of taking office, Chris Cahill was at it again.


Sometimes the Association lies to distract from inquiries into the number of citizens that its members are shooting. Sometimes it is to distract from trial coverage – where Police have given a criminal a gun licence despite their having dozens of previous convictions.

Sometimes it is just to slander us in support of the anti gun laws that that are pushing.

The Police Association Lies to the Media

The Kiwi Gun Blog has detailed two cases with the Otago Daily Times and Radio New Zealand. But there are many, many more. The Police Union constantly distorts the true situation to suit its agenda.

Oh and they lie to the Law and Order committee as well:


Lies. As the Kiwi Gun Blog has proven here, and here and here.

The Law and Order Committee

Understand that the Police Association did not just make an anti gun submission to the Law and Order committee that is now considering harsh new anti gun restrictions.

They CAUSED the committee.

They boast about this.

What Does the Police Association want?

In short – control.

But lets look at their submission to the Law and Order committee to get some specifics.

In their 57 point submission to a committee considering how to stop criminals from getting guns – they didn’t mention punishing criminals ONCE.

Not one single time in 19 pages.

They DID list a myriad of ways to screw us.

Lets look at some.

Starting at the end…. pol666667

The ‘Only’ way to stop criminals – is to punish us.

Oh and total registration of bunny rifles is a must.

Do you have an ‘E’ cat rifle?


This is part of their plan to reduce the number of shooters. Price them out. Inconvenience them out – with ranges closing. Then time them out. If you have to shoot a set number of times a year and work intrudes – you lose your sport.

Then they pretend that it was your choice.

Next, they want to end online sales of guns and ammo and accessories:

pollass 88

They clarify:


Oh and lets throw in some dawn raids. Because… well… shooters are basically just criminals eh?

pollass 9

Notice that last one?

If your safe is open because you are maintaining a gun – you can lose the lot.

No compensation. Just fines.

Do you like long range shooting? Very popular at the moment.


Sorry, that is no longer an option.

Do you need higher capacity rifle magazines to compete in your sport?

Well the NZ Police Association want to:


So no sport for you. Or it just became very expensive. Just for the rich.

Of serious concern is this:


So as it stands the Police abuse the law and then we challenge that action in court. At great expense. Then we have a chance at justice.

But the Police Association wants even THAT slim chance at a ‘Fair go’ gone.

Oh and this:


That is right. The Police association want to inject an anti gun academic, who the Kiwi Gun Blog have already exposed for lying to the press about our guns. He claims that 100,000 guns are missing from kiwi shooters.

The Police Association want THIS creep effecting policy for them.

Oh, hell no.

Who Is Making Our Laws?

As with most of those who attack our right to responsible gun ownership – the Police association has foreign friends.

They are globalists. They like to sign us up to lots of groups with lots of agendas.

All with ‘Recommendations’ to bring New Zealand in line with ‘International Standards’.

The ones failing everywhere. All around the world.

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog think that Kiwis should make the laws that Kiwis live by.

With complete transparency.

The Bottom Line

Here, in their own words is the bottom line:


More control. More control. More control.

When the Kiwi Gun Blog asked if the Association if they would support harsher penalties for armed offending – they said “No”.

That included increased sentencing for criminals shooting at their members.

A Message to NZ Police

We support you. We always have. Support us.

This is YOUR union.

You don’t get to shrug anymore and blame ‘The bosses’.

This is being done in YOUR name.

Demand that it stops. Before your union damages the relationship between us even MORE.

The Association began the submission in discussion by boasting about ‘The high engagement level of the membership’. That consultation is how they are able to ‘…speak and act credibly on behalf of members’.

If that is not a lie – then make your voice heard.

More details about the NZ Police association can be found here:

Good Cop – Bad Cop

The NZ Police have made it clear to the Kiwi Gun Blog that “The views of the Police Union are not necessarily those that we hold”.

…and yet…

If you look at the last paragraph in the letter below – it does appear that the two organisations are at least dancing together. If not in lockstep.