The Law and Order Committee Report

According to the Firearms Community Advisory Forum…

The Law and Order Committee conducting the Inquiry into the Illegal Possession of Firearms has drafted their report.

Police have now provided comment and have attended a number of meetings with the committee.

The release of the Committee’s Report will likely be this month or next (March or April 2017).

The Kiwi Gun Blog has written to  the committee’s chair to ask if a date has been finalized and if total registration was recommended.

Stay tuned.

Then get ready to camp on your MP’s doorstep to ensure this never happens.


Changes to Firearms Legislation

The Kiwi Gun Blog understands that the former Minister of Police has advised officials that there will be no movement on the Arms Act until after the Select Committee release their report.


Missing in Action

Chris Scahill, the representative of the NZ Police Association, couldn’t even be bothered showing up to the Forum.

He was recently quoted in the media as saying that he was unaware of the issues causing upset in the shooting community.

This is of course a lie.

That said… We cant help but feel that if he actually showed up to meetings with shooters then his insights may improve.