Look at this little piece of Kiwi history:

this one

Here we are – nearly one hundred years later – making the same points to the same people.

Generation after generation of responsible New Zealand shooters have had to deal with regular attacks on our sport.

They just don’t stop.

In the end it really doesn’t matter if those gunning for our liberty are Globalist tyrants or simply well meaning idiots – the threat is the same. That threat is never finished with us.

THIS is why we must NEVER ‘Compromise’ away our rights.

Because we are the only ones compromising.

Because the other side is never satisfied.

Its just another tick on their wish list – Before they move on to the next restriction.


An Example

Do you remember Philip Alpers? Our most insidious Anti gun campaigner.

He got a NZ gun licence – despite being a convicted criminal – just so he could go on television with his friends and say “I’m not against all guns – just the military style ones”.

Now he makes a living in Australia promoting gun bans all over the world.

His current position?

Because it only takes a single shot to take a life – a single shot rifle is just one too many.

Yep. When shooters pointed out that the semi auto rifles now banned in Aussie were not an issue in crime statistics – the grabbers then simply pivoted. OK then, it IS the single actions being used. Lets ban them.

They. Never. Stop.

So PLEASE… Don’t Muddy the Water guys.

Of course any robust debate is welcome.

But if ONE idiot makes a submission to a Law and Order committee saying that more restrictions on shooters are reasonable – then suddenly the other side will claim to have ‘Substantial support from many shooters on this controversial issue’.

this one

Skilled lobbyists love to manufacture the illusion of debate around an issue. When in reality there is often none.

So DONT allow division to be manufactured here. Stand together or hang separately.

PLEASE – stick to the party line.

Criminals in New Zealand have guns for only three reasons:

  1. They desire them. To feel cool, to impose their will, to defend drug territories.
  2. They can afford to act on that desire. Like any morally bankrupt scum, be they banker or street thug, such people accumulate significant discretionary income.
  3. They have no fear of acting on that desire.

They only factor here that we can influence, in any way, is that last one. So lets do that.

Otherwise, as a general rule….. Punishing the lawful – with more laws – in an effort to effect those who live outside the law, is moronic. The end.

But we all know what WILL work. Number three. Harsh penalties for those who abuse guns.

Here is a proponent of increased gun regulation. Learn to recognize them:


Of interest:

Back in the day….

Philip Alpers created the hate ‘Group’ Gunsafe in 1992. In reality just himself and another media personality – Gary McCormick. Now a radio host on More FM and currently banned from flying on our national airline after stealing alcohol and abusing staff.

Kiwi shooters quickly discovered that Alpers, the man lecturing us that “The law is the law and must be obeyed”, was in fact a convicted criminal. Yet he had been given a gun licence.

Alpers objected to this being known and an investigation was launched!

How were his details leaked?!

This writer was one of many in the gun lobby at the time who agreed to be finger printed to eliminate ourselves from the inquiry.

To the best of the Kiwi Gun Blog’s recollection – this great crime was never solved.

BUT… It does prove, once again, that all data held on gun owners is vulnerable.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is currently waiting to hear back from Police if their system has been breached on other occasions. Stay tuned.

We understand that criminals in Australia have been found with lists of thousands of shooter names and addresses that could only have come from Police databases.

Let us hope that that never happens here.

Especially with the likes of Trademe begging to be allowed our records.