This liar is still pushing two insane claims:

  1. That ten percent of New Zealand’s guns are missing.
  2. That a quarter of THOSE missing guns (25,000) have found their way to criminals.

Here we see Newstalk ZB pushing that lie:


From the Article

A university professor said Kiwis need to get rid of their “she’ll be right” attitude when it comes to gun laws.

Waikato University professor Alexander Gillespie said there needs to be discussion about what firepower is lawful and where guns are sourced.

“Governments tend to wait until an atrocity occurs or a massacre and then they legislate afterwards.

“It is very rare they’re pre-emptive or do something in a precautionary manner, even though, in my opinion, it is foreseeable that unless we get in control of this problem something bad will happen”

Gillespie said a starting point would be tracking down the 100,000 guns that aren’t with their original purchaser – having been passed on to a friend or family member.

He said of the one million guns in circulation in New Zealand, around 100,000 of them aren’t with their licensed owner.

Gillespie said around 25,000 of the “missing ” guns end up with criminals.

So… Act quickly! To prevent… Um.. The ‘Bad thing’.

Of course the article did not contact any knowledgeable shooters for comment.

Yes, We Have Complained

The Kiwi Gun Blog have complained to their news department and also followed the matter up with a formal complaint to the Press Council.

We are unsure if the item was also broadcast as news. This seems likely.

We have contacted the University in the past to make clear the nonsense being spread under their good name. They don’t seem to care.

How Do We Know That He is Lying?

There are two reasons that prove this man is simply making his claims up.

The first is that the Kiwi Gun Blog have just received confirmation from the NZ Police that they have NO IDEA, beyond a wild guess, how many once legitimately owned guns are now outside of the system.

We also asked if the Police had ANY idea of the number of THOSE guns that were now in criminal hands. As opposed to in the attics of dead shooters or with unlicensed possum hunters in rural New Zealand.

They confirmed that they had no idea of this either.

To use their words, the data ‘Does not exist’.

We don’t see this as a serious failing on their part – merely a confirmation of the situation for the record:

If anyone had these figures – the Police would.

They don’t.

So if an academic is quoting such figures – they are making them up

The end.


So How Can He Claim This?

This is the second reason that we know he is lying. We contacted him to get the source of his deception. It is The Thorpe Report.

As the Blog has detailed – This ‘Study’ starts with massive qualifications that it has no data. Then it lists all the needed data that it doesn’t have. Then it finishes with strong qualifications that its findings are based on no substantial data.

But it allows Gillespie to pluck two unsubstantiated figures – from out of context – then run with them.

The study noted that there was delayed compliance in re-licensing. That is all.

So he pretends that our shooters never did EVER and then claims that one in ten of our guns are missing. Ta dah! Magic.

Oh and a quarter of them have gone to criminals… Because.

Just because OK?

Then lazy ‘journalists’ like Hannah Bartlett enable his fear-mongering by running cry wolf stories without questioning even the most obvious of lies.

Remember – this man has had twenty years to do what we just did.

Fact check his position with the Police. He didn’t.

Because he is about agenda – not truth.


Don’t forget that this man is the pet creature of the gun hating Police Union.

In their submission to the Law and Order committee they actually asked to have him installed on any body deciding our gun controls.

THAT is how incestuous this deceitful little cabal is.

If you wish to contact Waikato University you may do so here:

If you wish to contact Newstalk ZB you may do so here:


On and On

Here he is repeating his lie for the NZ Herald on March 29 of last year:


All timed to support the Law and Order committee looking at new gun laws.

He again pushes for registration and the ban of magazine sales.

The fact that it is often stupid trying to tell sporting guns and military STYLE guns apart with arbitrary cosmetic rules – just means we should crack down on sporting guns.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has complained to the Herald about the use of invented numbers.

Likewise a complaint has been lodged with the NZ Press association.

Oh and the title of the ‘Opinion piece’ that they let this guy spew?

Staring down barrel of a gun crisis!

Nice one Herald.

If you want to contact the NZ Herald (Before it goes out of business for being a complete joke) you can do so here:

Or Phone: (09) 379-5050