There are BOOKS behind him.

He must be VERY clever.

Meet the director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University.

Professor Kevin Clements.

The media have christened this senile old Quaker; “New Zealand’s leading voice on gun control”.

OK then.

The NZ government gave this bunch 1.25 million.

To start with.

So what do we get for that investment?



Shall we begin?

Lets look at the Professor’s Greatest hits:

The NZ Herald reports the great man speaking to Newstalk ZB:

Professor Kevin Clements from the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies said that New Zealand’s gun laws needed to be tougher.

“Our laws are certainly loose, they are much, much looser than Australia for example, which does register guns, as well as gun owners.”

New Zealand should do what Australia did after the 1996 Port Arthur shooting and have a buy-back campaign, Professor Clements told Newstalk ZB.

“That’s managed to take about a million guns out of civilian arsenal. I think it would be very helpful if we had a buy-back programme or even an amnesty where people could give their old guns back and have them destroyed and take them out of circulation.”

Wow. A lot to cover there.

So… We register all guns – even though its useless.

Then we buy back guns, like Aussie.

Even though Aussie has since more than replaced the guns bought back there. Right.

What other benefits will rego have mate? Prey tell.

Crimes; “…could be prevented by reducing the total number of guns in circulation and ensuring they are registered to specific owners.

This way, any gun used for criminal activity could be “identified and sourced back”, Professor Clements said.


Unless they have the serial numbers removed.

The first thing that criminals are known to do in New Zealand.

What else do you have for us sunshine?

Talikng to stuff.co.nz:

“There’s something wrong here about the processes that are meant to be teaching people to use firearms safely, or there’s a problem with regulations around safe firearms-handling, or alternatively the need for us to become a bit more restrictive about who gets access to gun licences.” 

Ideally, Clements says, gun licence applicants should face psychological testing, and he’d like to see the government hold a voluntary amnesty to turn in thousands of unused guns.

He also floats the idea of gun registration, to ensure police know who has which gun.


The old ‘Less guns = less gun crime”.

Utterly disproven.

Now psychological testing you say?

So some liberal like YOU will decide if we are ‘Normal’ and can have guns?

Yeah nah.

Hardly an exact science. Hard to argue with.

Here he doubles down on calls for total registration with the Otago Daily Times.


Prompted by the theft, Prof Kevin Clements, of the University of Otago Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies,  renewed his call for firearms to be registered. The theft highlighted “major deficiencies” in New Zealand’s gun laws and individual weapons needed to be registered, just as owners are required to be, he said.

Right. So how does this help after the guns are taken exactly?

Sorry you have gone quiet… Anything?

He explains to Newshub:

Despite New Zealand’s reputation for tight gun regulation, one anti-gun lobbyist says we are still leaving ourselves exposed.

Professor Kevin Clements, director of the National Centre of Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, says current laws around gun registration are loose and leave room for abuse.

“The registered arms owners [might have] a large amount of weapons but we don’t know how many, where they are, what sort they are and whether they might fall into someone else’s hands,” he says.

But Mr Clements says it is important that all weapons are registered.

“We need a complete inventory of the total number of weapons available in New Zealand, and we need to have these tagged to particular individuals, so we know who’s got what.”


Um.. Why?

Its going to cost 110 million to do that so…


Here he is talking to the Critic:

“We have more guns in private hands than are available to the New Zealand army and police combined,” Professor Kevin Clements – the Director of the New Zealand National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – tells me. “If there was a desire to have an armed revolution in New Zealand, then there’s certainly the weaponry available.” 

Alongside this vast quantity of weaponry, the law regulating firearm use is permissive rather than restrictive. “In a New Zealand context, we register gun owners but we don’t register guns, although we used to,” Clements explains. “As long as gun owners are registered they can buy as many guns as they like. They can purchase high velocity air rifles, for example, which have killed policemen in the past or very high-powered rifles. There are bans on assault weapons, which is a step forward. But we don’t know how many of those weapons have already come in to the country.”


Well we would have more guns than the army because… there are more of us.

That is how numbers work.

If there IS ever an uprising of lawful gun owners in New Zealand – there needed to be.

We are a very apathetic bunch.

He is back to the air rifles…

Better to focus on the rapid discharge glock type ak15 style guns. The media love them.

To the Herald again:

Kevin Clements, chairman of Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, said there were 1.1 million guns in the country and gun laws needed “urgent” review.

Currently, licensed gun-owners can provide firearms to people with no licence or training, so long as they are supervised. There is no limit to the number of firearms a licensed holder can own.

Or ‘Training’ as it is known. You idiot.

Seriously, how you can you teach someone to shoot if they cant touch the gun?!

To Stuff:

“I can understand why a farmer might need a gun if he has to put an animal out of misery, but there’s far too much fascination with man-alone and man-with-a-gun, and I think there’s some deep psychological drivers of all of this,” Professor Kevin Clements says.

Now we are off.

If you like the outdoors or being independent – you have a mental disorder.

Cucks like Clements simply can not fathom the pleasure a man gets from being self sufficient. The state must provide.

To the Critic in 2014:

“If somebody is habituated to guns and has access to them then there is a better than zero probability that they might be used. It’s not an absolute or inevitable probability but it will remain a probability that could have devastating consequences.” 

Wow. Now he is using science.

You really need to read that while rocking and launching spittle for it to sound right.

Now try…..

“Just like a smoke-free environment I think it would be good for the University to declare this a gun-free environment. It is also important that we do not exaggerate the risk and probability of an armed attack on campus. On the other hand, I think it’s important that there is some awareness that it’s a possible scenario – you can’t rule it out as 100 per cent unlikely. The presence of guns, a masculinist culture and phobic attitudes towards those who might have hurt you can generate conditions in which gun violence might be considered. I would hope that there are enough formal and informal controls in place to prevent a worst-case scenario. But you can never be sure. We should work on best-case assumptions rather than worst-case assumptions. I don’t think we need to operate on the most pessimistic scenarios, but on the other hand we shouldn’t be oblivious to the probable consequences of a low probability event.”

What the actual f#@k did he just say?


If we sound bitchy – its with cause.

We just had to listen to this cuck’s drivel for the last hour.

Twas a grand university presentation with Tim Ashton, a former member of the Police Armed Offenders squad.

They discussed ‘Hypermasculinity in Aotearoa’.

It was very hard to sit through.

Ignorance, lies and distortion.

Actually – that should be this man’s motto. Right on his business card.


Let the Professor know your thoughts:



Better still, tell the University that funds his crap:


The following was shut down pretty fast by shooter’s feedback.

But look at the first reply from ‘His’ people’.


Here he is boasting on twitter.

I think one person read it.

Look at their reply…


These people are quite, quite mad.

What really pisses us off at the Kiwi Gun Blog…..

We volunteer our time and money to help protect our sport.

While the extremists given the media airtime to spread lies and disinformation are funded with our tax money.


There was much more from this clown – but you get the idea.


Alexander Gillespie will be jealous that he has lost some spotlight. But he is still the Police Union favorite.

Because the old hippy Clements won’t support the arming of Police.

They should fight crime with flowers….

Pretty, pretty flowers…


“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” ― George Orwell

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