Who is Really Behind the Attacks on Our Liberty?

We shall call this threat collectively – ‘The faceless bastard’.

This is the writhing pit of vipers that are the real string pullers of the front men attacking our sport.

Attacking us takes money. They provide it. They are the fixers who put people together and point them at us.

Try something for us….

Start at one anti gun website.

Then find the ‘Partners’ page. Or the ‘Supporters’ page.

Then find THEIR sites and do the same.

Then watch it all fold back on itself.

It happens very quickly.

Governments, joining private foundations, joining trusts in funding campaigns to change their own policy.

Many have the letters ‘UN’ at the start of these exciting initiatives.

Some of the positions that the different organisations take are extreme. But they all hate guns – so they are part of the family.

Many have ‘Peace’ and / or ‘Studies’ in their names. Their stated goals are very general.

But when you dig into their annual reports to see what they actually do with their funding – you find that they are coming after US.

After a while the trail gets dizzy making.

You cant tell where you are starting or finishing. Its a maze of money and influence.

The same players appearing all around the world

Again – the public and private funding blurs as the distribution flows like a money launderer at work.

It is long past time that the shooters of New Zealand started to pick at the threads of the people attacking us. To see who is supporting them and why.

One Example

Like Philip Alpers. He sets up a fake organisation to push for mindless gun controls here in New Zealand.

Then he is then rewarded with a teaching position to do more of the same in Australia.

Despite the fact that he never finished school – he is now an ‘Expert academic’.

With honorary qualifications that he really doesn’t like questioned.

Then he set ups the world’s premier anti gun propaganda web site.

The site is no longer updated. Funding was cut and Philip doesn’t do this work for charity….

His partners in this endeavor were the World Health Organisation’s Global Campaign for Violence Prevention and the United Nations Programme of Action on small arms.


According to the University fronting the website – It was a United Nations project. Years in the making. Also supported by the Australian government and the university.

So who is he reporting to?

When did his ‘work’ start?

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog reckon that the game plan was worked out pretty early on…..

Let’s Look at a Recent Example


Well that all looks positive eh?

But we at the Kiwi Gun Blog become suspicious whenever we hear ‘Arms control’.

We now know that when charities are collecting they show pictures of African kids and talk about landmines. THEN you dig deeper and discover that they campaign against the rifles of kiwi sportspeople.

So we asked the contacts listed at the bottom of the poster for more details on their views about guns.

They promised to reply on several occasions – but never did.

Here is more info on PACDAC:


As discussed in another Kiwi Gun Blog investigation – part of their role is to:

They have now been proven to fund leading anti gun campaigners in New Zealand.

Operating under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade. With your money.

Who ARE These People?

Here is Angela Woodward. She is listed as one of the contacts at the bottom of the form. With Trish.


Since 2014 she has been the Deputy Executive Director for Vertic’s New Zealand home.

I say that because they are registered in London and then have offices around the world.

There website is here: http://vertic.org/

You cant find their Kiwi office. Guess they are low key.

Angela describes her position on Linkedin: “I work on strategic planning, human resource management, financial and grant management, compliance with charity regulation and I research arms control and disarmament verification”.

Oh and THIS is on the front page of the Vertic website.

101 un hq


The ‘F@#k guns’ stature from out side the United Nations Building.

We asked Vertic what their gun policy was but they refused to reply as well.

According to the Vertic website Angela:

‘Specializes in the legal, policy and technology aspects of arms control and disarmament verification’ including the field of – ‘Conventional weapons’.

Is that right.

She also works for a foreign arms control think tank.

So we have foreign paid specialist in gun control, staging meetings in New Zealand, under the banner of our Foreign Affairs Ministry, who wont say what she is doing or why.

But by coincidence… If New Zealand does agree to work with the proposed UN hell restrictions on small arms – then her backers have the systems the new law requires to monitor us.

That is nice. Thanks Angela.

The Verification Research, Training and Information Centre is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1986 to ‘Promote effective verification of international agreements’.

VERTIC is primarily concerned with ‘Arms control and disarmament’.

Oh and ‘Peace’.

VERTIC also ‘Assists governments in translating commitments undertaken in international law into national legislation and regulation’.

They have been described as having an ‘International outlook’.

VERTIC has been funded by the government of New Zealand.

According to the receptionist at the Ministry, Angela does not work for PACDAC in an official capacity. BUT – that same NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade receptionist couldn’t find PACDAC listed either. Despite it being featured prominently on their own website.

The Vertic website claims that she has served on New Zealand’s Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control (PACDAC) since 2011.

The one funding the groups coming after our guns. So that clears that up.


This funding scam comes under the NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry.

This is what they do:


Again – that ‘Small arms and light weapons’ is US kiwi shooters.

Not just African War Lords. Us. As the Kiwi gun Blog has proven HERE.

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog are going to keep picking at these threads.

We hope you do as well.


Angela’s Friend Noel

Noel Stott is a Senior Researcher with Vertic.

Angela can call on his expertise if needed.

‘Noel Stott joined VERTIC in November 2016 after more than 14 years as a Senior Researcher and then Senior Research Fellow at the South African-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS). He has extensive experience in all aspects of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation having worked on the challenges facing African states by the proliferation of conventional weapons. In particular, Mr Stott has knowledge of small arms and light weapons’. 

HERE is one of the ISS publications. A guide to implementing the control of small arms.

Interesting, if dry,  reading.