See if you can follow this…

We start here. With our government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade department.


Here we find PACDAC.

‘PACDAC is a committee of experts that advises the Government on disarmament and arms control. It was established by the 1987 New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act’.

PACDAC has promised the Kiwi Gun Blog to get back to us on their gun policy.

Many times.

That has never happened.

They have also refused to answer whether or not they have directly funded gun control agendas in this country.

The committee has nine members – eight are appointed by the Foreign Affairs Minister – Murry McCully – who also designates a government minister as the chair.


One of their responsibilities is to :

  • make recommendations for granting money to projects that promote the public understanding of disarmament and arms control.

So… Nukes and stuff right?

Maybe land mines and stuff?

Yeah – nah.

They fund this lot:


This is run by:


Here we find:


…and a list of what that ‘Education trust’ has funded.

In 2007 the Disarmament & Security Centre were given $50,000.

They went on to:

“Establish the Aotearoa/New Zealand Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago in 2008″

Guess who that is led by?

Why Professor Kevin Clements. We know him.

According to

“The director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University – a self-confessed “sort of a slightly-vegetarian pacifist kind” – is New Zealand’s leading voice on gun control”.


So why the actual f#@k are we funding him to campaign for the loss of our rights?!!

The guy chasing total gun registration and attacking hunting.

He even suggests that men enjoying the outdoors is essentially a mental illness. That guy.

His website also boasts: “The NCPACS was made possible by a $1.25m donation from the Aotearoa New Zealand Peace and Conflict Studies Centre Trust.

The Trust’s gift was made through the University’s Leading Thinkers Initiative. The Government matched this funding under the Partnerships for Excellence scheme lifting the total to $2.5m”.

Yep. Our government just gave this prick 1.25 million of our money to attack us with.

That trust is made up of ‘Private sector donations’.

We need to find out who they are and ask if they are happy with how their money is spent. Likewise the big university donors.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is waiting to hear back from Internal Affairs as to whether our ‘Leading voice on gun control’ has received other direct funding.

Other Threats Funded

Clements was only the FIRST name that stood out to us.

The same funders also gave $13,000 in 2012 to the anti gun Oxfam to study ‘Small arms in the Pacific’.

It was $10,000 the year before: “To raise awareness and educate the public, civil society and government on the presence, proliferation and impacts of small arms and light weapons in the Pacific”. 

Oh and look who Internal Affairs have also funded for this purpose:

dept internal affairs

We see that the same people keep returning to feed on our tax money. Year after year.

Most of the ‘Peace movements’ funded are a Who’s who of gun hate groups. We recognize their names from campaigns against shooters both in the news and during proposed law changes.

A lot of the high dollar grants given to these extremists are simply accounted for as ‘Education work’.

Or ‘Lobbying’ as you may know it. Or ‘Campaigning’.

The United Nations also creep in here. Funding their propaganda in the mix.

Often to our young people. In our schools.

Allocated from the same trust dishing out government money.

Lines blur.

The Kiwi Gun Blog spoke to a representative of PACDAC about the inappropriate use of these funds. They would not comment.

But you should.


To contact the Foreign Affairs Minister:

The Kiwi Gun Blog has written to him to demand an explanation. To know if disarming New Zealand shooters is also his policy and that of the government. If not, then to know why they are funding just that.

To complain to Internal Affairs:



One Other Example

Also heavily funded by the same regime detailed above is The Peace Foundation.

This is also an extremist group with extremist views.

The Kiwi Gun Blog spoke to Chris in their Auckland hierarchy. He confirmed that their view on guns was – there should be none.

There was no place for firearms in civilian hands in our society.

When pressed he confirmed that went for farmers as well. Because there were no dangerous animals in New Zealand so…

Yeah. Good luck rounding up a 270 pound tusker with a stick.

They teach our kids this thinking. A lot.

They hide behind sharing ‘Conflict resolution strategies’ but this insane globalist propaganda is what the kids are getting. Our kids.

The Peace Foundation have received funding from:

The Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Social Development.

The Lottery Grants Board.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The filthy United Nations ‘Disarmament Education UN Implementation Fund’.

Community Organization Grants Scheme

That is OUR money. Going to those who use it to harm us.

They are also legitimized by having mayors and MPs as speakers at their conferences.

We need to now become very aware of what we are funding and then choke it off.

Speak up and demand just that.

Some Last Small Change

That ‘Peace and Disarmament Trust’ under Internal Affairs also doles out cash for little projects along with their other grants.

This from 2009:


…and this from the same year:


Then this from 2011:


The Blog is including these last examples to make two points.

Firstly – that names mean nothing. You have ‘Doctors against nukes’ lobbying against rifles.

Secondly – here we have the government spending our money to send ‘charities’ to international conventions and then funding them to interfere in gun control in other countries.

Who knows – West Papua may benefit from our manipulation.

But just remember that people in other countries are thinking the very same thing about us.

They know what is best for us as well.