So the Kiwi Gun Blog tracked government cash to the organisation that helped found the most persistent anti gun group in the country.

The one directed by Professor Kevin Clements.

Crowned by the media as the nations ‘Leading voice on gun control’.

A great pity that they didn’t select one who actually knew something about firearms and the issues surrounding them. Oh well.

Oh and then we uncovered the 1.25 million that the government just… gave the group.

Matching Otago Universities’ gift.


Because – why not?

Well now we have found some extra spare change.

The Department of Internal Affairs has also given money directly to this gun hate group – the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (sic).

We have now had two additional grants confirmed.

One of $5,000 was made by the Trust at its disbursement meeting of August 2010.

The other was of $10,000 at its disbursement meeting of August 2011.


The Internal Affairs Department claim not to have DIRECTLY funded the group – because they add a trust board in between the guilty parties.

That does not change the fact that a government department is paying extremists to slander us.

I guess Kevin doesn’t need to apply for the little grants any more.

Not after the MILLIONS started coming in.

This Peace biz sure does pay well.

The Blog are only showing you this small change to prove the support that this group has had at every level of its formation.

From an agenda working the system to use OUR money against us.

So WE are now funding the idiot who thinks that you should not be able to touch a gun until you have a firearms licence.

Would you try to learn golf without touching a club?

Oh and Kevin also says that kids should need a gun license to use an air gun.


The bottom line here is that the government has no business funding fringe, extremist, hate groups who campaign for the majority to lose liberty.

Regardless of whether or not they hide behind the word’Peace’ in their grant applications.