The great Minister of Defense responds.

The Kiwi Gun Blog had asked how many firearms were unaccounted for in our armed services.

Gerry Brownlee now informs us that:

Both the Royal New Zealand Navy and the Royal New Zealand Air Force report no weapons unaccounted for.

Good job team.

The NZ Army however has lost five weapons and one rubber pistol training aid.


Two of the five weapons were lost on deployments overseas.

Three were lost here at home in New Zealand.

It is assumed that these are Steyr assault rifles. We are confirming this.

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog will of course forgive a gallant serviceman losing a weapon in the chaos of enemy contact (Even though we know that at least one of these was simply forgotten by a moron now working for the Labour party).

But losing more at home on exercise than at war seems inexcusably careless.

According to the Minister – So far the machineguns have not appeared in criminal hands.

Upgrading the Steyr

This is only after the year 2000. ‘When electronic record keeping began’.

Because our armed services have only had computers since then?


Not a good look – but our Police have lost more guns than all three of our fighting services combined and they have not gone to war.

The weapons here were lost near Lake Moawhanga and Lake Coleridge.


The Kiwi Gun Blog has now had further confirmation from the office of the Defense Minister – Gerry Brownlee.

The five weapons were as follows:

  • 1 x LSW C9 Machine Gun
  • 3 x IW Steyr
  • 1 x Rifle 5.56mm SP


Further detail (noting the rubber training pistol is included):

  • Machine Gun Light S/No: NZDAA870767 Date: 11 Dec 2012 (Lost in Lake Moawhanga on Ex Bunny 1, wpn not recovered)
  • 2 x Steyr IW S/No: NZ8905679 & NZ8906145 Date 24 Jul 2012 (Lost overboard on Ex Goose Green Dec 2011. Recovery attempts made however depth of water deemed too deep)
  • Steyr IW S/No: NZAB8700162 Date 01 Apr 2012 (Lost on TU CRIB 19)
  • Rifle 5.56MM SP S/No: NZ8909816 02 Apr 2010 (Lost on TU CRIB 16 during a patrol)
  • Weapon – Training aid 1 x Rubber CQB Pistol training aid Date 25 Jul 2015 (Lost on exercise in Waiouru)