The debate around firearms in New Zealand is entirely artificial.

It is engineered by those with agendas – To support their ultimate aim of seeing guns restricted to extinction.

The Police Association lie to the media to keep their focus on the ‘Raising gun crime’ that doesn’t exist.

Anti gun’Academics‘ lie to the media to keep their focus on considering an endless ‘Tightening’ of gun laws.

The Green Party or Labour Party then push for tyrannical law change.

They push the same lies – over and over.

Media manipulators refer to these as ‘Talking points’.

The mainstream news in America is a great example. It is all owned by a few giant companies who then give their performing monkeys their instructions for each news cycle.

This is why you can see so many, supposedly diverse, news providers saying the very same thing – verbatim.

New Zealand shooters need to change the conversation.

Right now the entire spectrum of debate consists of ‘How much should responsible kiwi shooters be punished?’

A new restriction is proposed and then shooters are immediately on the back foot and trying to mitigate damage.


This must change.

New Zealand shooters need to change the conversation.

We need talking points of our own.

Here are five:

  1. Punishing the lawful to effect those who live outside the law is stupid.
  2. We don’t need new gun laws when the existing ones are not used. (Police not even prosecuting those who offend with arms)
  3. The criminals who are the danger must be punished. Not the shooters who are not. (There are endless – inexcusable – examples of New Zealand’s worst gun offenders escaping with pathetic penalties)
  4. The Police must enforce the nations laws – not make them up.
  5. Shooters will no longer be scapegoated every time the Police need to cover up their incompetence.

From now on EVERY Facebook debate, every political encounter and every media report MUST include the question; ‘What are we doing about the criminals’?

We must also DEMAND  accuracy in reporting that separates us from criminals in the minds of other voters.

New Zealand shooters MUST open the spectrum of debate to reflect the actual reality.

It is not hard to do this. Criminals are the low hanging fruit.

It is also inexcusable that Police give known criminals gun licences.

That courts believe that membership to an organised crime gang is not a reason to lose that license.

Right now the most extreme views held by shooters are that the police should obey the law and criminals should be punished. The public of New Zealand will agree with us.

It is also time to get pro active.

  1. We need to push for mandatory penalties for gun crime. The Kiwi Gun Blog has just launched a specific campaign for this. 
  2. We need to push for an independent oversight of the Police management of arms law WITH a robust appeal system. We can not afford to keep dropping thousand of dollars in endless court cases to halt their abuse.
  3. We need to demand that the current law enabling the Police to ‘Make s#@t up’ is removed. If a car needs to travel with a mechanic – its a lemon.
  4. We need to organise to punish those who would harm us. The Kiwi Gun Blog has a strong initiative in the works to help this.  
  5. We need to demand law and policy changes that will prevent criminals from using guns. Because ultimately that is the greatest threat to our our responsible use of them. If the Police and Police Union and Government wont act to drive this forward – then we must. We will make them all do their jobs.

That is it.

Its pretty simple really.

But crucial.

So spread the word.

If time allows, visit your Member of Parliament.

There is no excuse for not emailing them.

Write a ‘Letter to the Editor‘.

Tell other shooters at your club to do the same.

In short – Push back.

Because it wont take much to make this an honest conversation.