Does every criminal who is caught with an illegal firearm get prosecuted for that offence?

If they are also guilty of other serious offending – such as armed robbery – do possession charges often get dropped?

Are these offenses often just negotiated away?

The Kiwi Gun Blog is finding out.

Here is the first Police reply:



So we waited for a month to get “It depends”.

We believe that it is absolutely crucial for shooters to understand both the prosecution policy and sentencing patterns for the criminal misuse of arms.

Because it is utterly unacceptable that shooters are getting screwed with MORE laws – When the existing ones are not even being applied to the criminals at issue.

Again and again.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have called the Auckland Police persecution service ten times in the last week, with no answer.

Messages are ignored.

So we have been forced to make another official information request.

  1. “Of the last one hundred cases where criminals were eligible for illegal weapon possessions charges – how many were eventually prosecuted for these offenses in court?”
  1. “Of the last twenty cases – What is the average sentence received for the criminal possession of firearms?”

We also asked for the official Police prosecution policy on illegal firearms possession.

Stay tuned. We will advise you of their reply (After they wait for the last possible moment allowed by law to do so).

The law and order committee is due to report back at any moment.

They also need to know if more laws are of any value when our existing ones are either ignored OR result in pitiful penalties when applied.