The response to the last Arms Amendment Bill was pitiful.

The Kiwi Gun Blog can’t worry about offending folk here – it needs to be said.

Some shooting organisations were unaware of the happenings. So their members were as well.

One told this writer that their newsletter would come out after the deadline for submissions so… “Bad timing”.

Yep, a once in a decade attack on the rights of their members but that was not enough to bring it forward.

Another prominent organisation took no action because; “We don’t shoot those rifles”.


Even the very best clubs often made an excellent submission to the committee considering the latest Police stupidity – THEN told their membership what had happened.

Leaving them in the dark until it was all over.

There is a difference between making a solid argument and making a solid argument with two enforcers behind you – slapping lead pipes in their palms.

Any proposed change in our gun laws must be met with a large number of shooter submissions. Always.

We are now suffering because of that Bill being passed. Untouched.

Numbers matter to politicians.

Yes, I CAN talk here.

During the first Arms Amendment Bill – this writer was a kid. A kid with a house filled with boxes of flyers. That Shooters Rights were distributing all around the country in a frenzy.

We shooters set the record for the most submissions ever received by a Parliamentary Committee. It may still stand?

We had a real and positive effect.

That was before social media and today’s connected world.

So there was NO excuse for dropping the ball – so badly – on this last go around.

We Need Something New

The American’s have something called an ‘Amber Alert’. It was named after a nine year old child who was taken and later found murdered.

Now when a child is kidnapped – An alert goes out with a description of the offender and a picture of the victim. To everyone. Everyone. It gets quick results and saves lives.

We need that.

An alert for shooters. NOT just their associations and clubs. IF they are even a member of any. But for individual shooters.

The List

The Kiwi Gun Blog are planning to set up a managed email list of New Zealand firearm users.

Then to grow it. Until only the Police have a bigger one.

We hope that shooting associations and magazines and auction houses will push their own lists to join us.

It is a small matter to set up a simple SECURE page for shooters to register. Just a name and an email.

Then the only ongoing costs consist of liaising with the gunshops donating the prizes as self promotion.

Then some digital design work. Thats it.

Our most powerful weapon to protect shooters could be almost free to set up and run.


The Shooters Lottery

People are busy. They are often also hard to motivate.

So how do we attract them to a notification system and them keep them there?

Easy. With prizes.

Our list is also a lottery.

Every few months we say “Hi” and announce some prizes. A few days later they are drawn and the winners announced. We slip in a little gun news.

It costs nothing to join. Or to remain. Or to win.

Then when needed – we can mobilize thousands of shooters in a moment.

A gun licence is required to win prizes – not to join the list.

The Effect

Then if ONE idiot raises their head over the parapet – it gets smacked. Hard.

If a politician attacks us – we attack them. Their colleagues instantly receive thousands of contacts insisting that they end their stupidity and focus on the real issues. Or lose votes.

If a party attacks us –  then their policy will be made known. Their committees will be notified of the voters they are losing.

If a media clown makes a seriously biased comment on air and slanders us – get ready for a lot of complaints.

If one is stupid enough to really attack us – a boycott.


There is a reason that Philp Alpers fled to Australia. Shooters cost him his spokesman role for a major carpet producer and made him a pariah. Nobody would hire him.

This list needs to be kept for special occasions – but it there to be used.


The Kiwi Gun Blog are NOT a gun lobby organisation.

We are a shooters resource and perhaps a catalyst for change.

We would envision that the Shooters Lottery would be managed by a small committee. Likely with trusted representatives from COLFO, FOUNZ, SSANZ and perhaps other large organisations.

Or perhaps it will just be a new entity. Able to play the ‘Bad cop’ to the groups above.

This will be discussed at a meeting in early April.

More Than a List

This is the easiest option to connect shooters. Its the most practical. But it is half the answer.

The rest is a decision. It is a will. A decision to draw the line.

We need every gun shop. Every gun magazine. Every shooter. To make the decision that enough is enough and to buy in to taking action.

When the alert sounds – they start the buzz. They all take action. They all push for action in others.

Lastly – it is also a sense of connection.

We can change the way that shooters think as well. Remind them that they are powerful. Remind them that they are due the respect and representation that we have all earned.

That lone young farmer in the back block – now has brothers and sisters in the tens of thousands. We will make them feel it.

There are far too many “Whats the point of trying” comments on social media. Time for some perspective and direction here.

The effect will be dramatic.

Or…. We can sit back and watch those allied against us erode our numbers.

Price us out. Inconvenience us out. Wear us out.

Until they kill our gun sports.

Not an option.