When the last Arms Amendment bill was being considered – The Police asked for the power to invent law at will.

They were proposing changes so confused and non nonsensical that they claimed to need such powers, just to make it all work.

This writer told that committee that if a car needed to travel with a mechanic – then it was a lemon and they should not buy it.

They bought the lemon.

Now the Police are behaving like a drunken king.

The Police are abusing the laws they have and inventing those they do not.

Kiwi shooters are now enduring one bizarre policy after the next.

Our frustration is at boiling point and they are doing irreparable harm to their relationship with the 250,000 licenced shooters who once supported them.

As it currently stands – the only hope for justice is to take out an expensive appeal to a court.

Every time they announce a new abuse.

The Police association are even pushing for that right to be denied us:


Something needs to change.

Its time for shooters to push for a law change.

We need the institution of a body that will be responsible for monitoring the Police management of the Arms Act.

This will then make the Police accountable for delays and incompetence. As if they were operating in the real world.

It would ensure that our data is kept safe. So we are.

It would prevent the Police from inventing nonsense policy.

It would prevent Police from acting outside the law.

This needs to be much more than the current IPCA option.

The new system would need to have a simple complaint system – with teeth.

So a single shooter can cry foul – then get justice.

The consistent abuse of power from the Police – over time –  has made this initiative a sad necessity.



Please contact the Police Minister – Paula Bennet.

She can be emailed HERE

Demand a ‘Police Arms Oversight Authority’.

The Kiwi Gun Blog recognizes that this will not happen immediately.

But it needs to happen.

So lets get it on the agenda.