The Kiwi Gun Blog understand that a man being referred to as ‘A weapons enthusiast’ was caught with numerous illegal firearms in his rental property. The Judge’s penalty?

He received a sentence of community detention.

Not even the usual joke jail term. Now its NO jail term.

He also had a cannabis grow room going. But more concerning is the nature of the guns.


Police found a loaded cut-down shotgun, body armour and thousands of rounds of ammunition at the Marlborough property last September. The haul was discovered after a real estate agent raised the alarm following a rental check.

Police also discovered a .22 calibre pistol with no sights. Photos released show a semi automatic AK47 type weapon with no stock, but loaded magazines.

These all appear to be the weapons favored by drug gangs for killing rivals rather than the collection of a shooting ‘Enthusiast’. We enthusiasts favor the ability to AIM our firearms.

Michael Just, aged 50, appeared for sentence before Judge David Ruth at the Blenheim District Court on Wednesday, on four drugs and weapons charges.

The Judge said Just was not likely to reoffend and he appeared to be someone with a “fascination” with weaponry. Believing that the firearms were not related to the cannabis offending.

So… He sentenced him to a total of three months’ community work.

This rubbish comes the SAME DAY that the Kiwi Gun Blog launched a campaign for serious gun crime penalties.


There was no mention of safe storage. The Kiwi Gun Blog assumes that if these weapons were able to be seen then they were unsecured. So kids could get them. The Blog has asked local Police for a few more details.
We also have no way of knowing if the weapons were stolen, as Police keep no records of that sort of thing. Only the guns that lawful shooters have.
Of equal concern as to where the guns came FROM is where they would have ended up over time. We are confident in the hands of other criminals.
But the Judge ‘Took into account’ a letter provided by a member of the wine industry saying that the offender was a good little worker. So Judge Ruth said that he considered it would be wrong to impose a sentence that interfered with Just’s work.

Man. We need to get one of those magic letters…..

The wrath of the Kiwi Gun Blog is not focused on kiwis who like shooting and for some reason didn’t get a gun licence. We want to target the scum who threaten us and our Police. We want them taken of the streets and punished severely.

But this guy was just several types of dangerous.

As many angry shooters pointed out on social media today – this case makes a mockery of our gun control systems.