Many shooters are now planning a visit to their Member of Parliament to express their fury at so many criminals receiving joke sentences from Judges.

That and the endless focus of Parliament towards responsible arms users in an effort to combat crime.

Oh and the illegal abuses of the Police charged with managing the Arms Act.


So here are 28 Quick Facts to take with you. 

To change the conversation back to where it belongs.

But be polite now…. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Dear Member of Parliament….

Criminals possess and use illegal firearms in New Zealand for only three reasons.

  • They have a desire for them.
  • They have the money to act on that desire.
  • They have no fear of acting on that desire.

That’s it. That is all you need to know to both understand the problem and to fix it.

Anything else is white noise.

But for your amusement – Here are……

29 Quick Facts about Guns in New Zealand

  1. There are a quarter of a million licenced gun owners. Who vote.
  1. The Police Association lies. The Otago Daily Times had to apologise for reporting that 20,000 guns are stolen every year in New Zealand. That figure is out by… About 20,000. Radio New Zealand ran the same lie. The Police Union have since stopped giving the media this figure.

Shooters have found it interesting how the Police union often use their media calls for “Tightening” our gun laws around the same time they need to deflect from enquiries into their members gunning down members of the public…..

  1. The number of New Zealand firearm homicides has not risen in the last twenty years. Despite the population rising. Despite the number of guns in the nation rising. Despite the number of licenced gun owners rising.
  1. The ‘Annual Apprehensions for Crimes Involving Firearms’ numbers have also not risen in twenty years. 
  1. What about the number of times that our Police officers have been assaulted with a firearm? Nope. No increase for the last twenty years.

Making a lie of the Police Union claims to the contrary. They are crying wolf. “Quick! There is no time to think! More gun restrictions!” No.

  1. The New Zealand Police keep no records of stolen guns. To be fair, why bother? When they catch gang members with them Judges just give them a joke sentence.

But when the Police Union claim that this is suddenly a growing problem – understand that they have no data to base this on. More lies.

  1. New Zealand abandoned full gun registration in the past because it achieved nothing, at great cost. It was also 66% inaccurate.

The Police currently register handguns and MSSA rifles. They are aware that there are significant issues with inaccuracy now as well but have NEVER performed an audit.

Any increase in our registration will simply be doubling down on failure.

  1. Canada recently abandoned its own system of gun registration because it cost them a billion dollors and delivered nothing useful. Total gun registration in New Zealand would cost NZ$110,000,000 to deliver the same failure. Don’t be fooled by the fifteen year old figure offered by the Police.
  1. No cost benefit analysis regarding extending our existing registration system can be performed. Because the Police cannot point to a single instance of the current system solving a crime.

Oh, the Police also claim that they can’t say how much the existing system costs us to run either. Suspicious that….

  1. The Police owe New Zealand shooters hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for their illegal practice of extorting one rifle from users before allowing importation of another. They spontaneously began and then stopped this practice. Without any legal explanation. This must be addressed.
  1. The current firearms laws of New Zealand include the need for shooters to prove themselves innocent in some circumstances – in violation of our Bill of Rights. Another section requires an accused person to prove the imagination of a Policeman wrong.
  1. Shooters have become so frustrated at the illegal abuse of Police managing the Arms Act that they have banned Police from ranges. We desperately need a Police Arms Oversight Authority – with teeth.

All these court cases that we win against them cost a lot of time and money.

  1. Waikato University Professor Alexander Gillespie is also a liar. This antigun ‘Academic’ has the media saying that New Zealand shooters have lost 100,000 rifles. Supposedly 10% of their guns have simply vanished.

Oh and 25,000 were apparently immediately given to criminals. Because… Just because.

Shooters have checked and the Police have confirmed that no data exists to suggest this. At all. So please be aware that he simply makes up nonsense to generate panic.

  1. Professor Alexander Gillespie is a creature of the Police Union. In their submission to the Law and Order committee they even tried to insert him into any future body controlling gun law.
  1. When gun haters want to look legitimate – they misquote the twenty year old Thorpe Report. Be aware that this is less accurate than a Police marksman. It says so itself in an opening section entitled ‘Significance of Weak Information Base’ and then concludes with: “…the combination of a weak factual base and the inherent difficulties in much firearms research has meant that many of the conclusions in this report have had to be qualified”.
  1. When shooters go to the Police station to conduct business with the arms officer we are forced to do so in full view and earshot of the criminals there. Gun cases in hand. All criminals then need to do is to snap the shooter’s number plate to get their address and rob them at their convenience. Police refuse to address this unsafe situation.
  1. This is not a zero sum game. Money wasted on new gun restrictions is money taken from investigating criminals. Or lifesaving operations. Don’t forget that.

The Police are NOT natural born experts. Question what they say.

  1. The New Zealand Police have lost more of their service weapons than all three of the armed services combined. Without going to war. Not counting the one they left behind in that Parliament bathroom. Someone handed that in. So that’s good.
  1. The New Zealand Police have accidentally discharged their Tasers over 500 times in just a few years. At a cost of $25,000. But they have only accidentally shot each other a few times so… Good effort team.
  1. New Zealand Police have accidentally discharged their issue firearms TWELVE times since 2010. Including incidents where they have shot handcuffed suspects, shot innocent bystanders and killed another citizen on his way to work.

61% of officers in a recent Police survey said they were dissatisfied with the amount of firearms training they are receiving, while 32 % are worried with the quality of training

If the Police need to distract from these inexcusable errors it should not be at the cost of responsible shooters. Our rights are not negotiable every time they need a distraction from their incompetence.

These are the same ‘Experts’ who lost a search dog. Seriously…. Think about that for a minute. The people who had ONE plane and ONE helicopter – then crashed them into each other. Over an Auckland motorway at rush hour, setting it on fire and sending people to the burns ward. Question these clowns.

  1. Judges REWARD criminals for the illegal possession of guns. If offenders are caught with a large quantity of drugs, they give sentence discounts for “Helping to get guns off the streets”.
  1. Criminals have simply made their own gun licenses. Then forged Police registration paperwork. Then purchased guns. Such is their contempt for our laws.
  1. The Police give criminals gun licenses – because they don’t bother vetting them correctly. One purchased $50,000 worth of guns for a gang. Criminally modifying them. He had 53 previous convictions – before being given a gun license.
  1. Our courts don’t consider a criminal being a member of a gang to be a reason to revoke a gun license. That is what a ‘Fit and proper person’ is to our Judges.
  2. According to the Law and Order committee report – nearly thirty gang members have Gun Licenses. Insane. The committee suggests punishing 250,000 shooters in the hope of stopping outlaws getting guns – while simply letting those same outlaws go shopping. The law says that organised crime members are not ‘Fit and Proper’ people. So can’t have a gun license. How has this happened?
  3. Thousands of Shooters Have Lapsed Firearm Licenses – With No Police Action Taken. As of the 27th of February 2017, 6727 licenses are shown as currently expired. Of those 2243 are shown as ‘Being actively sought for interview’ and 2029 are ‘Awaiting action’.Many on the left are calling for the ten year renewal to be made five years, or less. Anything to price and inconvenience shooters out of their sport. Meanwhile they are not even following up on the existing system. Police also punish shooters renewing with an extra $115 if late. Way to encourage compliance!1465793140977
  1.  Police are responsible for David Grey being allowed to perpetrate the atrocity that first started this legislation madness. He was left to go about his mad business even after Police were told that he had entered a shop and threatened people with a gun.3527222
  2. Then we have the Jan Molenaar Case. In 2009 the NZ Herald wrote about the need to:“…help mop up 30,000 owners yet to be checked (out of 55,000) who didn’t renew when 10-year licences replaced lifetime licences. Jan Molenaar, who in May shot dead senior constable Len Snee, was among the 30,000 not checked”.

    SO Police are STILL not learning from their mistakes.

  3. 28 Quick Facts about Guns in New ZealandYou are dealing with extremists on this issue and they are NOT the shooters. For example Professor Kevin Clements, the director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University. The NZ government gave this bunch 1.25 million of shooter’s tax money. Thanks for that.

The media have christened this fringe dwelling fear monger; ‘New Zealand’s leading voice on gun control’. Right.

This guy has called for nobody to be able to even touch a gun until they have a license. Could you learn golf without touching clubs? You can’t learn to shoot safely by pointing your finger and going “Pew – Pew” either.

“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” ― George Orwell

So understand that if shooters oppose something – it is for cause.

We are not ‘Other’ than society.

We ARE a huge part of that society and we want it safe.

But we will no longer compromise with stupid.


I will leave you with fact number one again……

 1. There are a quarter of a million licensed gun owners. Who vote.


So punish the criminals – To effect the criminals.


Because punishing lawful shooters – With more laws – To affect outlaws – Is stupid.

Click here to download the above for printing:

28 Quick Facts about Guns in New Zealand

The Kiwi Gun Blog has now sent this to every MP. But this will mostly be read by their minions. NOTHING beats you sitting across their desk, as a local voter and talking to them about these facts.